Paying Your Dues...

Regular Annual Membership dues are $176, payable in the month of January. You may also make a semiannual payment of $88 in the months of January and July. Additional fees for late payments are as follows:

  • In February/August: $5 Late Fee

  • In March/September: Suspension with loss of benefits and $15 reinstatement fee.

  • In June/December, Expulsion from membership and the reinstatement fee increases to $40.

Members may resign in good standing by sending a written request to the Secretary-Treasurer, provided they have no outstanding obligations. The reinstatement fee is $10 should they wish to rejoin.

Newsletter and e-mail notices will be the only reminders you will receive about paying your dues.

New Members

In addition to Annual Dues, new members are subject to a one-time Initiation Fee:

  • $115 if you have never been a member of the AFM before.

  • $50 if you are or were a member of another AFM Local.

  • Initiation Fees are WAIVED for students.

Youth Members

If you are under the age of 21:

  • Initiation Fees are WAIVED.

  • Annual Dues are at a reduced rate of $108 per year.

Work Dues

The Local also collects a small percentage of scale wages as "work dues." The rates are:


% of scale wages