Membership has its Benefits...

"...everybody's a musician," says Francis. "The woman who cuts my hair is in a young punk band. She said to me, 'None of us even thought of joining the union.' I said, 'Well, have you been stiffed lately?' She said, 'Well yeah, the club up the street stiffed us two weeks ago.' I explained to her that's why there's strength in numbers. I said, 'If you were in the union and you had a contract, you could've called the union; they'd go after them.' She was shocked. They didn't realize that service was available to them."
"I tell people that the musicians' union gives us a bottom line defense," says Benson. "When you're out on a limb, you don't have many people to call on, but the union is the one force--if we are unified--that can help in A) collective bargaining, B) governmental issues, and C) just simple protection of working musicians."
Michael Francis and Ray Benson, Asleep At The Wheel. Reprinted from International Musician, March 2000.

  • Contracts
    • Contract negotiation and enforcement
    • Legal Backup in a Dispute
    • Contract Guarantee Fund
    • Locally set minimum wages and conditions
    • Free contract forms for all types of engagements
  • Collective Bargaining
    • AFM Negotiated Electronic Media Agreements
      • Administration of AFM recording and broadcast contracts with industry leaders
      • Sound Recording Special Payments Fund
      • Demo/Master Recording Protection
    • Locally Negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements with Palm Beach Opera and Broadway Across America
    • Nationally negotiated tour contracts
  • Referrals
    • Networking and Job Opportunities
    • Free gig referrals and Online Musician Referral Service
    • Music teacher referrals
    • web hosting and services to help you develop a website
  • Access to Performance Liability Insurance and "All-Risk" Instrument Insurance
  • Orchestra auditions and industry employment announcements
  • Political Support: Lobbying for music industry issues
  • AFM Pension Fund
  • Professional career advice and assistance from Electronic Media, Symphonic, and Casual Departments
  • Music Performance Trust Fund: Union co-sponsored gigs
  • Legal Service: free consultations and discounted services
  • Access to AFM online community-forums, contracts, phone numbers, signatory search
  • Subscriptions to International Musician and South Florida Musician
  • Services Directory of local and national businesses offering member discounts