Archives: May 1997

05/01/97 Casual Corner

So Let's Talk About the MPTF

I continue to be amazed at how few of our members are aware of the MPTF, and how many of them performing MPTF do not understand the process or its origin. I also lose patience when I get "feedback" from former- and non- members who have worked MPTF "gigs" in this Local, and yet ask "Why should I join the Union? The Union doesnít do anything for me."

Sooooooo, letís talk about the MPTF and how it relates to "todayís" member.

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05/01/97 Official Business

At the General Membership Meeting of May 1, 1997, held at the Courtyard Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale, a quorum of members voted to increase Local 655ís annual membership dues, effective immediately. The annual membership dues are now:

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05/01/97 Trustee's Report

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Traditions have to be broken and old policies have to be changed. In some instances, it is a simple movement forward, in others it will mean change or lose what we still have left. There is some unfortunate history to overcome; however, I'm happy to see that almost everyone I have talked with has expressed an open mind and is willing to commit their support in giving the Local one more chance to become one that can and should be ranked among the top ten Locals in the AFM.

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