Archives: July 1997

07/01/97 Symphonic Shorts

Beethoven is NOT dead

At least, not judging by the success of the Florida Philharmonic Orchestraís (FPO) "Beethoven by the Beach" Festival this past July. The brainchild of Maestro James Judd in consultation with Sun-Sentinel music critic Tim Smith, the festival had been in the works for almost a year. A group effort enlisting the likes of the FPO, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Florida Grand Opera, the Museum of Science and Discovery, Broward County Library, Ft. Lauderdale Convention and Visitorsí Bureau, Broward Cultural Affairs Council, Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival, the Museum of Art, and seven hotel partners, the festival presented all 9 symphonies and 32 piano sonatas of Beethoven, the childrenís program Beethoven Lives Upstairs, movies, lectures, and more.

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07/01/97 Recording Rap

Royalties without a Hit?

Perhaps a misnomer, but the outcome is the same...musicians who record under the AFM Phonograph Record Label Agreement (AFM-PRLA), in addition to any money paid as a result of their having performed on the original session, will receive additional compensation as a result of record sales. For the royalty artist, this is in addition to the royalties as provided for under the agreement with the record company. This is true whether or not the recording that the musician performed on is a "hit," or even released.

Too good to be true? Not at all!

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07/01/97 Casual Live Performance

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. Speaking with so many of you, both on and off the record, has enabled me to get a better perspective of the "real world" as it applies to the music industry in this Local. Not only has the communication been great, we are really moving along well in providing services. The Local is once again addressing grievances and other issues on behalf of its members. We have brought in extra assistance when felt necessary to negotiate portions of CBAís; in other instances we have utilized the Local staff and available talent.

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07/01/97 Casual Corner

So How do I get one of those MPTF Gigs?

In our last issue we talked about what the MPTF is and how it came about. Now letís talk about how to arrange a performance and get paid for it.

The performance requirements are few: the concert must be free and open to the public, the music must be the primary purpose for audience attendance, and performers must acknowledge the MPTF as well as cosponsor support in all programs and publicity credits. Concerts can take place at schools, malls, in the park, and even in concert halls. They can be educational concerts, jazz concerts, rock concerts, classical concerts, ethnic concerts.

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07/01/97 Member Benefits

HOW Much is the Pension Fund going to pay me??

The current annual rate of return on contributions made is between 24 and 48%, depending on when you retire. The fund is insured under federal law by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. It costs musicians nothing to participate; it only takes five years to become vested, and it only takes $1500 in earnings covered by pension to accrue a yearís credit. The pension fund is a multi-employer fund, which means that all contributions made on your behalf are pooled into one account for you. Employers or leaders that have a collective bargaining agreement or have signed a participation agreement are eligible to make contributions on behalf of their musicians. If the leader is incorporated, he/she can have the corporation make contributions on his/her behalf. Get in on one of the best private pension funds around! Call the Local at 305/674-0210 for more information on how to participate.

07/01/97 Trustee's Report

I have good news and bad news...the good news is that services have increased substantially. So much so that I am concerned over how we can continue to maintain these levels with the staff we have. We have had to put some planned developments on hold. My intent was to show members that this Local is still capable of providing services. We have not taken the position of, "File your contracts and show us your work dues, and then we will provide service." We felt it was more important to show you "less talk and more action." And that is what we have done.

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