Archives: November 1997

11/01/97 The Business of Music

Read any good books lately? A lot of things have been written about the music business; here is one we can call "old reliable": Music Business Handbook & Career Guide by David Baskerville, Ph.D. It covers everything from songwriting and publishing to promotion and merchandising. A well-written, time-tested (in its fifth edition), no-nonsense book, it provides a very good general overview of the music business without being dry reading.

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11/01/97 Member Benefits

Are you Getting Your Pension??

Did you just get your annual statement from the Pension Fund? Wonder what it all means? Think something is missing? Let them know!

All work done under AFM contracts that include pension should appear on your annual statement. Please note that generally pension is based on scale wages, which means that the wages listed on the report may be less than the gross amount you were paid for that year.

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11/01/97 Candidate Statements

Leslie Bahler has been a violist with the Florida Philharmonic since 1983. She served four years on the Philharmonic’s Orchestra Committee and participated in two contract negotiations.

Holly Ballard has been a member of Local 655 since 1981. She has played horn in the Boca Pops and Palm Beach Symphony and Opera since 1983 and has served on the orcherstra committees and as committee chairperson for these groups.

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11/01/97 Symphonic Shorts

Boca CBA Ratified

Despite management’s demand for a pay cut, musicians of the Boca Pops managed to secure a pay increase of more than 3½% for the 1997-1998 season.

New Members

The Boca Pops has appointed Erika Venable and Michael Harp to 1-year positions and Gary Mayone and Cliff Huxton to permanent positions...

11/01/97 Recording Rap

Why Record Union?

The Recording Musicians Meeting held at Morrisons Cafeteria on September 12 was a great success for all who attended. The meeting gave attending musicians a chance to voice their gripes about working in the recording industry and gave the Local a chance to explain what we are doing to make things better.

The bottom line is, you never know where your recording might end up, so it pays to sign a contract to protect yourself.

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11/01/97 Official Business

Officer nominations were conducted at the General Membership meeting held on October 30, 1997. By virtue of their running unopposed, three positions were elected by acclamation. We would like to congratulate the new officers of the South Florida Musicians Association:

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11/01/97 Trustee's Report

The results of the recent nominations meeting have catapulted the redevelopment of this Local into the next phase...Electronic Media.

While we can't change everything at once, we are now able to give the development of these services the same dedication and effort that was put into symphonic services. I have begun training a full time Electronic Media Representative. I am also improving the system for tracking the work filed in the Local.

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