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04/01/98 Executive Board Member Profiles

Leslie Bahler

Leslie has lived in south Florida since 1980, and has been a member of the Florida Philharmonic since 1983. She is also a staff and board member of the Youth Orchestra of Florida and director of the Florida Music Festival, a 2-week summer program for high school students.

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04/01/98 Symphonic Shorts

On CBA's

Whatís so good about having a collective bargaining agreement, anyway?

Well...have you ever...

  • been told the gig was canceled on 2 daysí notice?
  • been paid the wrong amount and couldnít get management to correct it?
  • been told your services will not be needed in the future, with no explanation why?
  • Had to play 15 services in one week with no additional compensation?
  • Found recording equipment running during a concert with no prior notice and no additional compensation?
  • NOT had contributions made into the Pension Fund on your behalf?

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04/01/98 Recording Rap

Latino Recording Musicians-Discrimination?

We have a situation in the Phonograph industry where major labels, all signed to the AFM National Agreement, are operating nonunion subsidiary labels for production and release in the Latino record industry.

This means that while the rest of our musicians are receiving full Phono scales, participation in Special Payments Fund ($18 million last year), and Pension Fund credits, the Latino musician gets a single payment (usually less than scale).

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04/01/98 Casual Corner

Fifteen members met with Trustee Richard Gabriel and President Peter Graves on February 12 to hear the benefits of the Pension fund and of filing contracts.

Despite 20 years of bad tradition, there are many good reasons for filing contracts. Just by signing a simple participation agreement, leaders can make pension contributions on behalf of everyone in the band. And if they are incorporated, they can even make contributions on their own behalf.

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04/01/98 Official Business

...from the editor

Just a subtle reminder...this Newsletter is your official notice of the proceedings of SFMA. This very issue contains important changes affecting YOU, including new scales; Bylaw changes involving late fees and suspensions; meeting notices, etc. KEEP INFORMED! Know your rights and obligations! Read on...

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04/01/98 Trustee's Report

We have come a very long way. The Local is providing services, membership continues to grow (over 50 reinstatements since September), and our credibility with the Federation is established. Our current claims are in progress and we are currently opening other claims that had to be set aside last year because of legal work load.

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04/01/98 President's Report

Fellow Musicians,

The first things I hope you noticed were the opening lines, OPEN ME & READ ME. We get all too many calls saying "but I didnít know..." This newsletter is our official communication with you; please do not ignore it. We are trying to stay in touch with you regarding the issues that are important to you. If thereís something you like in here, tell us. If thereís something in here you donít like, tell us that too! Any issue that involves YOUR money will get top billing, but there are a lot of items you need to be aware of. Take 5 minutes and at least scan all the items to make sure nothing that youíre interested in escapes your attention.

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