Archives: June 1998

06/01/98 Symphonic Shorts

Lights, Action...Camera??

We know we’ve beaten the Delray incident into he ground, but we all know that it wasn’t an isolated incident. Just this year, several symphonies were recorded for either television or radio broadcast without any additional compensation to the musicians. Neither Symphonic players nor Casual musicians are immune to the abuse.

Why should we get paid for the recording, anyway?

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06/01/98 Recording Rap

Introducing...Lisa Fox

We are moving ahead in our structuring of the recording department. Having turned over the responsibility for servicing the symphonies to President Graves, I am now able to give my full effort toward the development of the recording department. This will complete the next-to-last commitment made by the Federation in the restructuring of this Local.

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06/01/98 Casual Corner

Grammys in the Schools

The recent partnership between NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), MPTF (Music Performance Trust Funds) and Local 655 was a fantastic success. Four groups each played six concerts to a total audience of 1700 children. 48 Musicians performed and received a combined income of over $30 thousand. Lanny Smith ably MC’d each concert and kept the students involved and excited.

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06/01/98 Official Business


We will be publishing additions and corrections to the Membership Directory in the next newsletter...if your information is incorrect or has changed, please let us know so that we can publish a correction. Thanks!

SEMI-ANNUAL DUES...for those of you who are paying your Annual Dues semi-annually, the balance is due in July. Thank you!

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06/01/98 Trustee's Report

The International Executive Board has approved my recommendation to terminate the trusteeship of our Local and by the 21st of May National President Steve Young will have installed our Officers. We have proven that this Local can be a viable service organization dedicated to its members. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for giving me the support and opportunity to do this.

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06/01/98 President's Report

Dear Fellow Musicians:

Thanks to all who have taken the time to call and let us know how much you’ve appreciated the improvements in our newsletter. The credit must shared equally with those of you who have taken the time to make suggestions and to our officers and staff for their input, and in particular to our editor Jeff Apana and his tireless efforts on your behalf. Please keep your input coming; it’s the life support system of your union.

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