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08/01/98 Life Member Notes

We have come a very long way in restructuring this Local. A great deal of this could not have been accomplished without your participation and support. Everyone here is grateful for this. But what about the life members group? We were off to a good start with our initial breakfast meetings.

We need Life Members to take charge in keeping the group organized, just as the Symphonic and Recording musicians have done for their respective groups. It will take a minimum amount of time to assist the Local in setting up breakfasts, luncheons and other events. We already have a phone committee, so the demand on any single individual is minimal. You would also have the use of the facilities in the office. If no one volunteers soon, we will have to assume no one is interested and let this go. Please call and let us know if you are interested; it would sadden us to see this organization dissolve.

08/01/98 Symphonic Shorts

Your Recording Rights

So many of us have had the following experience: you arrive at the gig and as the rehearsal or concert is about to begin, the leader informs you that the service will be recorded for future broadcast on PBS. He or she then asks you to sign a waiver of your rights for payment for this recording. What do you do?

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08/01/98 Recording Rap

New Use, new department…Our members like it!

Our dedicated Recording Department is already showing results. We are providing quicker response to so many more of our musicians, and we continue to be successful in establishing a long-overdue working relationship with many of the major record Labels. Even a major television network has taken notice that Local #655 is active in the Industry and aggressive in responding when compensation to our members is overdue.

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08/01/98 Casual Corner

Doing the Paperwork...

In our last issue we included a copy of an LP-1 contract. Filing contracts is the first step in helping us to help you. With a filed contract, we can pursue on your behalf any problems you might have with incorrect payments, being canceled at the last minute, being videotaped, etc. Additionally, it will enable Pension contributions on your behalf.

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08/01/98 Treasurer's Report




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08/01/98 President's Report

New World Symphony Members Record "Dark" Date

Members of the NWS were recently hired to do a "dark" date at Criteria Studios. This was not a date booked by NWS management; consequently it doesn’t fall under our "fence" agreement which restricts the orchestras’ incursions into professional areas of employment. The film composer is a friend of one of the members of the orchestra who then contracted the date using primarily NWS players for $30.00 an hour (instead of c.$85). Unfortunately, some members of Local 655 decided to play the date. This cannot and will not be tolerated in the future.

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