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10/01/99 That Union Thing

"We would create much more work for many more members if we only would stand up for each other and say we will not be part of any productions that will be used to replace our brothers and sisters." (Jack Hegyi, Local 661-708)

"Yes, we have issues of great concern in our Local, such as members working below scale, nonunion recording dates among other things. Rather than throwing stones, let me make an appeal. I ask that we not use each other as the standard, but instead, each one make a personal commitment to DO WHAT IS RIGHT!" (Mike Avila, Local 389)

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10/01/99 Symphonic Shorts

Florida Philharmonic



Season Length

37 weeks

43 weeks

Base Pay

$527.07 per week (core)

$846.51 per week

Services per Week

10 maximum


Vacation Weeks






Orchestra Size

76 contracted

84 contracted

Boca Pops



Service guarantee

50 services ("A" orch.)9 services ("B" orch.)

40 services

Base Pay

$62 per service

$84 per service







Orchestra Size

70 ("A" orchestra)50 ("B" orchestra)

58 ("Full Orchestra")

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10/01/99 Recording Rap

Greetings to all! This summer has been quite busy for our recording department. The month of July was strongest with a total of $109,000 in recording contracts. We also welcome new Jingle members Greg Wiktorski and Gary Corbett.


I’d like to stress why using the B-6 Contract for commercials is so important. Going back in our records, I noticed a group of musicians that did a Chevrolet commercial in 1984. As of this date they are still receiving checks for cycle payments 15 years later! When you do a session, please call me so I can help you file that B-6 contract so you can get your cycle payments and pension contributions.

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10/01/99 Casual Corner

No Contract? Work at your own risk!

When you work without a contract, you give up rights to:

  • Wage Scale Guarantees
  • Number of Services Guarantees
  • Electronic Media Guarantees (new use, reuse)
  • Pension Contributions
  • Etc.

It’s never too late for Pension contributions!

Your Pension benefit is based on how much is in your account, and not on when it was contributed. The money put in today will increase your benefit by the same amount as if it was contributed ten years ago.

10/01/99 Member Feedback

I really don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for me and Jeanie. Mike Lewis and you, Pete, have both proved to be more than just friends.I tried to get my pension check on my own, without results. But your efforts and caring on my behalf produced results very beneficial to me.I received my pension check last week, because you did more than you had to do. Again Pete, thank you so very much.

I want to give thanks to Mr. Lovell, Jr., benefits supervisor.

As ever your friend, Nick Russo

10/01/99 Official Business

Warning-Florida Grand Opera

If you are asked to play their December choral concert, please call us as we are trying to secure a contract for this engagement. Thank you!

Membership Drive

Now’s a great time to join!

From now until November 5 (date may be extended) Initiation Fees have been waived and new members can join for only $34—a savings of $115!

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10/01/99 President's Report

...Thanks to all that attended the September 23rd meeting; your concern for the progress of Local 655 is what makes it all worth it. By your many encouraging comments, I believe we're on the right track and making substantial progress. That's not to say we haven't had criticism, but we will try to make necessary adjustments to improve the service you're getting…My personal thanks for re-electing me as President. I am pleased to be able to follow through on the numerous projects we've begun, and to see the fruits of our labor. I want to thank Stuart MacDonald for his service and at the same time welcome Tim Barnes as our newest Executive Board member…

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