Archives: December 1999

12/01/99 Symphonic Shorts

Palm Beach Opera Signs CBA

A collective bargaining agreement with Palm Beach Opera has just been ratified. For the first time in its history, the musicians will have a written agreement with the Opera.

Negotiating committee members were Virginia Barnes, Johann Bast, Matt Brown, Michael Forte, and Laura Miller. Lead Negotiator was Chris Durham.

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12/01/99 Recording Rap

The last few months have been filled with recording projects and jingles. I’m pleased that more musicians are calling me to put their sessions on contract.

Just a reminder to always check your Pension fund statement and Special Payments Fund statement. I had a musician that hadn’t received his yearly check from the Special Payments Fund. I faxed all the B-4 contracts that he appeared on to the fund and they are logging him into their computer and he will receive his check shortly.

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12/01/99 Casual Corner

Theater Scale Clarification

Please note that there was an omission in the new scale books. Theater Scale applies to Broadway-type "book" shows, but no longer has an 8-show per week requirement. Single theater engagements can now be booked under Theater scale.

12/01/99 Official Business

Annual dues for the Year 2000

Dues+Life Insurance Assessment= Total (semiannual payments in Jan./July)

Resignations must be received by January 14 or you will be liable for first-quarter dues

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12/01/99 Treasurer's Report

Annual Work Dues Statements Available…

With the conversion to a new computer system in 1998, we can now generate statements of dues paid. If you would like a 1999 statement for tax purposes, please contact us in January. Statements will be prepared and mailed to those requesting them during the first week of February.

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12/01/99 President's Report

My personal wish to each of you and your families for a joyous and happy holiday season…

Membership Drive

Our membership drive has been quite successful. There is still time; if you know someone who is interested, please have them contact us prior to the end of the year to take advantage of this opportunity …

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