Archives: February 2000

02/01/00 Member Benefits

Health Insurance

An HMO is now available to our members through the Cultural Community Health Care Co-op. Details are available at the Local or by calling Tony Lestino at (305) 220-8456.

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02/01/00 In Memoriam...Mike Selker

In Memoriam - Mike Selker

Mike moved to Miami Beach and joined Local 655 in 1946, after serving as a lead navigator in the Air Force in WWII. A member of Locals 4 (Cleveland) and 802 (New York) as well as 655, Mike was a busy musician, playing in leading hotels and clubs during the heyday of club-date work. He was always eager to show pictures and recount the tales, good and bad, of his Air Force days, club dates he played, big acts that came in to south Florida. He would have made a great historian, as his recently-introduced column in South Florida Musician showed.

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02/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

Palm Beach Opera signs Collective Bargaining Agreement

Palm Beach Opera Orchestra members have also elected a new Orchestra Committee:

  • Virginia Barnes (Chair)
  • Laura Miller (1st Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Martin (2nd Vice-Chair)
  • Johann Bast (Treasurer)
  • Jennifer Potochnic (Secretary)


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02/01/00 Recording Rap


In the course of preparing for the most recent round of bargaining of the Phonograph Record Labor Agreement, Federation officers, counsel, staff, and Local officers devoted a great amount of time and attention to a loophole that resulted in musicians being paid months after the session despite record companies "complying" with the 15 day payment rule.

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02/01/00 Casual Corner

Music Publishing 101

Are you a songwriter? Music Publisher? Curious about the business but don’t know where to start? In either case, this book is for you.

Author Regina Smith knows her stuff; she used to work for a major music publisher as coordinator of copyrights and licensing. And her straightforward style will keep even laymen from getting confused.

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02/01/00 Member Feedback

Dear Peter, Paul, Janice, and Chris,

Thank you all so much for all you have done to make the first contract ever for the Palm Beach Opera possible. It has been a long year and a half for me, and sometimes I didn’t think I could go on, but each one of you encouraged me at one time or another to keep going. I am still processing the fact that it is finally finished (or should I say, just beginning).

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02/01/00 Official Business

Pay Less Taxes...Plan for Retirement

FREE Seminar!

Clifford Huxford, Financial Services Representative for PESCO PLUS, and a special guest will answer your questions about retirement plans, investing in Mutual Funds, tax-deductible business expenses, and more at our next General Membership Meeting.

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02/01/00 President's Report

Are You The Problem or Part Of The Solution ? Why We Need You To Pay Attention To The Newsletter !

…With the recent problems regarding the Atlanta Ballet strike and musicians from South Florida being recruited, as well as our troubles with the Florida Grand Opera, I must stress the importance of paying attention to what is going on around you, and to effects of your actions on your fellow musicians…

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