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04/01/00 Member Benefits


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04/01/00 Where Members' Money Went

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04/01/00 MPTF Scholarships and Music Business Seminar

Music Business Seminar at FAU

At the invitation of faculty member Dan Salmasian, President Graves recently gave a lecture on how the AFM has helped him in his own personal career. He talked about his days on the Jackie Gleason show, and how he without lifting a finger he would get checks for an additional 75% when the show went into reruns in the summer. He also mentioned that he is still getting paid for the BeeGees song "Staying Alive" that he did in the 1970’s! Peter talked about the various aspects of the business of music, including production and management, as well as the AFM’s contract administration, Pension Fund, and recording services.

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04/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

Did You Know? (Sources: IRS Form 990,


Date of Info.

Total Expenses

Program Costs

Administrative Costs

Program Costs as % of Expenses

Has CBA?

Boca Pops

Sept. 98






Florida Philharmonic

May 99






Greater Palm Bch. Sym.

May 98






Miami Chamber Sym.

May 98






Miami Symphony

Dec. 97






New World Sym.

Jun. 98






Palm Beach Opera

Sept. 98






Palm Beach Pops

Jun. 98






Sym. of the Americas

Aug. 98






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04/01/00 Casual Corner

The Bandstand Agreement

Is your recording really safe?

What if the group breaks up?

Is there a guarantee of additional money when you become signed...even if there is little or no front money because of the production cost?

The Bandstand agreement addresses those questions and concerns, whether you are a duo or a larger group (up to eight).

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04/01/00 Recording Rap

I want to thank all musicians for their phone calls and inquiries; because of this I am able to get more contracts filed and more clean up accomplished. Twelve musicians with the Michael Rose Orchestra received payment for a TV commercial. This was only possible because we had an original contract on file. Now you know why we keep saying, "Please file your contracts!"

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04/01/00 Member Feedback

Is this a fairy tale or did it actually happen? You do a recording (in this case a video shoot for Public Television), the show is broadcast, you get your check, and now everything in your mind is now over. At least so you think! Two and one half years later a commercial is using footage from that PBS show and airing it on local cable channels. You call the union, the union contacts the leader, you get a check for the commercial! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED HERE, YES HERE, Local 655!

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04/01/00 President's Report

…Life Insurance: To Be Or Not To Be…

…As has been previously discussed in the newsletter and at membership meetings, the issue of whether to continue participating in the life insurance business is a very volatile issue for our membership. There is an article regarding the pros and cons of life insurance coverage in this issue (see page 5). We will be holding a membership meeting on Thursday, May 18 where you can voice your opinion with your vote.

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04/01/00 Official Business

General Membership Meeting


Amendment to the Bylaws

DATE: Thursday May 18 at 1 p.m.

LOCATION: Sheet Metal Workers Local 32

20375 NE 15 CT, North Miami


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