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06/01/00 Member Benefits

Internet Access from the AFM!

By the time you read this, the AFM should be rolling out its own Internet Service Provider service. Access will be through the Uunet network, so there will be dial-up coverage in all 50 states, Canada, and even internationally. Service will include unlimited access, up to 4 email addresses, and a custom start page (portal), all for just $13.95 per month. Thatís a savings of $96/year over AOL! And if you pay a full year up front, the price drops to $12.79/month. For more information or to download software, keep an eye on or give us a call.

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06/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

Contract Settlements Across the Country...


Term of Agreement




Atlanta Symphony

9/2000 through 8/2004

Year 1: $62,540Year 2: $63,440Year 3: $67,600Year 4: $71,500

4.50%, 4.50%, 4.75%, and 5%

Audition committee can override music director

Baltimore Symphony

9/2000 through 8/2005

Year 1: $67,600Year 2: $70,720Year 3: $74,100Year 4: $80,850Year 5: $89,180


Nine vacation weeks in second year; per diem increases; more runout restrictions

Colorado Symphony

1999 though 2004

Year 1: $31,836Year 2: $33,726Year 3: $36,246Year 4: $40,291Year 5: $44,748


Relief Services; 2 weeks added to season by end of contract

Jacksonville Symphony

9/1999 through 8/2002

Year 1: $30,004Year 2: $31,616Year 3: $32,528


3 weeks added to season by end of contract

New Jersey Symphony

9/2000 through 8/2003

Year 1: $35,875Year 2: $38,772Year 3: $41,760

10% (now paid on gross)

Three vacation weeks in second year

News & Announcements

Crafton Beck, Music Director of the Boca Pops, has been appointed Music Director of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra...John Graham, former Executive Director of the Florida Philharmonic and the Boca Pops, has been appointed interim Executive Director of the Honolulu Symphony...Christopher Dunworth, President and CEO of the New World Symphony, has announced that he will step down at the end of his contract in June 2001...

06/01/00 Recording Rap

During the month of April, HBO filmed the made-for-cable movie "Havana Nocturne," Arturo Sandovalís life story. Andy Garcia, as the lead, portrays Arturoís story of frustration in Cuba and his defection in 1990 with his wife and youngest son. This was a Union project which provided sidelining work for many of our musicians, including Ed Calle, Richard Bravo, and Will Edwards. Iím sure youíll notice a few of them in the movie. If any members are interested in this type of film work please call me, and Iíll provide you with the agents to contact.

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06/01/00 Casual Corner

003casual2.gifIntroducing...Jake Luger, Casual Rep

Iím glad to be the newest member of "Team Local 655." My goals are:

  • To spread the word about the benefits of Union membership and promote increased recognition for Local 655 and our members;
  • To create new avenues of public performance by solidifying the partnership of commerce/industry and the Florida Union musician;
  • To involve, energize, and challenge Local 655 members to expand MPTF possibilities;
  • To enhance opportunities for Local 655 members to entertain and educate the community by showcasing our talents.

I ask all of our members to send me your ideas for corporate sponsors, venues, and musicians. You can reach me at (954) 925-1996 or gigs655[at]aol[dot]com. Thanks!

-Jake Luger

06/01/00 Member Feedback

Dear friends at Local 655,

Thank you for your kindness and your intervention in the matter of the insurance. I deeply appreciate the warm friendship you have shown me. You have no idea how much it has helped. I pray God will recompense you in some special blessings.

Very Sincerely, MíAdele Rollings

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06/01/00 Official Business

Semiannual Dues Reminder

If you are paying semiannually, the balance is due in July and this is your only notice.

How much do you owe?

Check your mailing label! The number in parenthesis after your name is your current balance as of the date of this mailing. This amount includes any outstanding work dues, in addition to annual dues owed. If you have any questions, please call the office. Thanks!

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06/01/00 Treasurer's Report


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06/01/00 President's Report

As the time approaches for summer vacations and some well-deserved "down-time" for many of our members, I hope each of you finds the time and "space" to spend some time with family and friends.

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