Archives: August 2000

08/01/00 Member Benefits

Local 655 Web Page-Members Area and Referral Pages to go online

Peruse a copy of the latest newsletter, find out about breaking news, look up a phone number of a member, find out about local concerts, and more.

And in August, we add a membersí area with Scales, Bylaws, minutes from Membership and Executive Board Meetings, Events Calendar, and more. Referral Program pages will also be online, with photos, bios, and audio clips of our members.

Check it out at: Http://

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08/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

Internet Agreement Ratified

Musicians, including members of the Florida Phil. and Boca Pops, recently ratified a national agreement covering distribution of live and prerecorded music over the Internet. The agreement is retroactive to February 1, 2000 and runs through January 31, 2002.

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08/01/00 Recording Rap

On Sept. 13 the first Latin Grammy Awards will be broadcast by CBS from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Latin Grammys mark the first time a major United States network will devote two hours of prime-time television to bilingual programming. Emilio Estefan Jr. is leading the nominations pack with six. Hopefully Miami will be hosting the 2001 Latin Grammys.

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08/01/00 Casual Corner

The Arts DO have Impact!

A study done shows the following facts about the arts in New England:

  • Total impact of nonprofit arts organizations: $3.9 Billion.
  • Income generated by cultural tourism: $6.6 Billion.
  • Arts and culture are the fastest-growing segment of the New England economy.
  • The arts in New England support 247,000 jobs (equal to the computer equipment industry and more than the software and medical technology industries.

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08/01/00 Official Business

Semiannual Dues Paid?

Please note that if you have not paid your semiannual dues, you are now subject to a $5 late fee. Check your mailing label for amounts that you owe (which includes work dues but not any late fees). Please call us if you have questions. Thanks!

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08/01/00 Treasurer's Report

Local Exceeds Millennium Drive Goal

Our goal for the Millennium Drive was to recruit 50 new members, and Iím proud to say they that we actually ended up recruiting 79 new members! Please scan through the list on page 7 and see if there are any names that you recognize; if so, please take a moment to welcome them. We now have 913 members: 101 Inactive Life Members, 132 Life Members, and 679 Regular Members.

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08/01/00 President's Report

Ö As this column is written, we are a day away from our next two days of negotiations with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra, a little too early to discuss any details, except to say Iím hopeful that some meaningful dialogue will result in a much needed improvement in the CBA. I am very pleased with our negotiating team, comprised of the Orchestra Committee, our counsel Leonard Leibowitz, and consultant William Thompson Ö 

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