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10/01/00 Florida Philharmonic on Strike

On September 25, hours after last-minute negotiations were held in an effort to reach an agreement prior to the first service of the season, members of the Florida Philharmonic voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Management’s final offer was a 5-percent increase in a single-year contract, a change from the previous offer which called for an 8.2% increase over 3 years. Musicians were demanding that management close the 32% gap between their salary and the ICSOM Orchestra average.


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10/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

Atlanta Ballet ends Strike

On Monday, September 18, after a year-long strike, musicians ratified a new three-year agreement with management. Musicians received all of their original demands, including an overall 12% wage increase (8% in the first year), specific guarantee of annual work, and AFM Pension Fund contributions beginning in the second year.

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10/01/00 Recording Rap

September 13th I was watching the Latin Grammys and I was so proud to see some of our Localís musicians playing for the awards; from the opening musical tribute to the late Tito Puente until the end of the show featuring the Miami Sound Machine. Letís hope Miami can host this event in the near future. As each category was being judged I noticed how many projects and contracts our musicians were on. Thatís the reason our recording totals have risen this past year! Congratulations to Kike Santander for winning best songwriter category for Best Regional Song "Mi Verdad", and to Emilio Estefan Jr. for winning Best Music Video, for Gloriaís, "No Me Dejes De Querer" and for Producer of the Year. Many thanks to all our musicians who are putting Miami on the map.

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10/01/00 Casual Corner

So how do I get one of those MPTF Gigs?

The performance requirements are few: the concert must be free and open to the public, the music must be the primary purpose for audience attendance, and performers must acknowledge the MPTF as well as cosponsor support in all programs and publicity credits. Concerts can take place at schools, malls, in the park, and even in concert halls. They can be educational concerts, jazz concerts, rock concerts, classical concerts, ethnic concerts, etc.

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10/01/00 Member Feedback

I think itís time to take the Local back from the orchestra and make it representative of all the musicians who work, live, die and pay dues in this Local. If the Local is going to spend our money, we should all have a voice in it. The orchestra should pay their own way just like the rest of us.

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10/01/00 Official Business


AGENDA: Resolutions to amend the Bylaws

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