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12/01/00 Solidarity

Members often ask, "what has the Union done for me lately?" let us ask you, "what have you done for yourself lately?"

The real strength of the Union lies in collective action. When musicians band together, management must listen. Locally, we’ve seen what can happen by the example of the Florida Philharmonic musicians: they went on strike for four weeks, refusing to work until management came back with a better contract offer. They went from an initial offer of a 2% raise for one year to a 27% raise over five years (7% in the first year) because they stood together.

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12/01/00 Symphonic Shorts

FPO Ratifies New Contract

After a four-week long strike, musicians agreed to management’s final offer after being threatened with dissolution of the orchestra. Management had previously canceled the 2000-1 season, but musicians returned to work on October 24 and the first concert of the season was on October 25.

The often-heated negotiations generated almost daily front-page press and this was the first strike in the history of the Florida Philharmonic.

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12/01/00 Recording Rap

Musicians, Commercial Music & The AFM

...Callum Benepe, AFM EMSD

Is The Job For A "Covered" Employer?

The first thing one needs to know when hired to play on a commercial, is whether or not the advertising agency is a current "Signatory". All this means is that the agency has signed a "Letter Of Adherence" with the AFM. By signing this simple form, the agency obtains the right to make Pension and Health & Welfare contributions on the musician’s behalf. Contrary to popular belief, the AFM does not administer or control the Pension fund. The AFM-EP or American Federation of Musicians Employee Pension is bound by Federal law to ensure that each and every employer making Pension contributions is a Signatory to the current Agreement.

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12/01/00 Casual Corner

SFX Negotiations Update

The strike against Broadway-show presenter SFX continues as management refuses to bring a better offer to the negotiating table. They have also begun recruiting scab orchestras. If you are called to play, please contact the Local immediately. The latest information is available on the website at

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12/01/00 Member Feedback

I wish you guys could have these meetings when people who have day gigs (college profs) could make them.
Dante Luciani

Can't make the meeting, but our life insurance premium is 20 times the going rate.  Coupled with the fact it's mandatory and paid to an insurance provider that doesn't provide health insurance in Florida, it's obscene. Dump this insurance company, or I'll consider resigning in good standing.  Check your records, I've done it before and I mean it. 
Randy Emerick

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12/01/00 Official Business

2001 Annual Dues Notice

(Dues+Life Insurance Assessment=annual amount due/semiannual rate due in January and July)

Resignations must be received by January 14 or you will be liable for first-quarter dues

Membership Cards will be mailed in February...thank you for your patience!

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12/01/00 Treasurer's Report

Work Dues Statements for Tax Purposes

If you would like a statement of dues paid in 2000 for your Income Tax Returns, please contact us. Statements will be mailed beginning the end of January.

Directory to be Published

The Membership Directory will be reprinted in February 2001. If you have a new address or phone number, a change in the instruments you are listed under, or have an e-mail address you would like listed, please contact us ASAP. Thank you!

12/01/00 President's Report

… from the frying pan into the fire … The coincidence of having the two Collective Bargaining Agreements most in need of fixing result in strikes is both gut-wrenching and fulfilling. To watch families struggle in order to improve substandard wages is difficult to watch, but at the same time, seeing musicians standing together with the common goal of respect in the workplace and a decent salary for the professionalism they bring to the workplace is extremely fulfilling. I don’t wish work stoppages on anyone, they are taxing at best, but when confronted with the lack of logic and understanding on the part of management that we have witnessed, they seem unavoidable.

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