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04/01/01 Member Benefits

Local 655 Web Page

South Florida Musicians on the web.  Peruse a copy of the latest newsletter, find out about breaking news, look up a phone number of a member, find out about local concerts, and more.  Check it out at:


MEMBERS: Are you listed in the Referral Program??  Send us your promo pack and get a free promotional page hosted on our web site!

Insurance and Financial Advice

A free no-obligation analysis is available courtesy of the Cultural Community Co-op. Call Raymond Fornino of AXA Advisors at (305) 663-0400 for more information.

04/01/01 That Union Thing

What is a union, anyway? In some ways it's like your local neighborhood association-a voluntary organization of people banding together working toward common interests. Unions were created by workers to promote the interests of workers-working peoples' only organized voice in dealings with management.

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04/01/01 Local 655 Awards MPTF Scholarships

South Florida Musicians Association recently awarded three scholarships (two for $750 and one for $500) for the 2001-2 academic year, courtesy of the Music Performance Trust Funds. The winners are:

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04/01/01 Symphonic Shorts

Life on an Orchestra Committee

Leslie Bahler, Florida Philharmonic

I remember the day that I was informed that my status had changed from first alternate to actual member of the Florida Philharmonic's Orchestra Committee. I was excited, scared, and in awe of my new responsibilities.  I was going to be able to help make decisions that could make life better for the players.  I was going to be part of the negotiating process.  I was gonna know all the inside stuff!  Cool!

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04/01/01 Recording Rap

March has been busy for clean-up projects. One important one was finding the original B-4 contracts for the Dr. John sessions in the early 1970's. There has been quite a bit of new use for the song "Right Place, Wrong Time". I received a call from a member reporting the use, so I contacted the jingle department at the LA Federation looking for the B-forms. There has been a Heineken commercial running using the song and they needed to bill the company for reuse for the musicians. As the sessions were done in 1973, I had to dig through quite a few boxes before finding them. These sessions will now be documented with both the jingle and newuse departments. Just another reason why you may want to be on AFM contracts.
I know I wrote about this before, but if you move or drop out of the AFM and have ever received new use checks, you must call the new use department at the West Coast Federation to update your information. They work off of the AFM database; if you drop out of the AFM they have no way of finding you to send checks. Their phone number is: 323-461-3441 ex. 215.

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04/01/01 Casual Corner


A big thanks  to all the musicians from Local 655 participating in MPTF gigs. The co-sponsors and the communities you served remain most appreciative. I look forward to increased participation from all of you in the next MPTF fiscal year, which begins May 1.
For those of you who have not yet heard, MPTF has funds still available for educational performances, and will fund up to 100% of the cost for projects through April 30. For all other gigs, and for educational gigs after April 30, please remember that MPTF will fund up to 40% of the cost of those performances! I look forward to your calls.

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04/01/01 Member Feedback

I think the Local is doing an excellent job of getting important news items to the members via the SOUTH FLORIDA MUSICIAN. Jeff Apana is to be commended for the fine work he does for this publication. With all of our busy schedules, I know it's not always possible to verify the accuracy of sources. I read with great interest my copy of the January/February 2001 Vol. 63 No.1 issue, most specifically the column THANK YOU! "Thank you to all of the musicians that refused to cross the SFX picket lines, as well as the musicians who have walked the picket lines, including: ... and anyone else who's name we missed." I would like to amend this by also thanking my wife Sue (also a member of Local 655) and daughter Emily for taking time out from their schedules for joining me and our friends and colleagues in walking the picket lines, and refusing to cross them.

Jim Bermann

04/01/01 Official Business

Local hires new Administrative Assistant

Some of you may be aware that Sharon McDermott resigned from Local 655 to take a position elsewhere. The Executive Board recently voted to appoint Dione Chandler to replace her as Administrative Assistant.

Dione is an oboist with degrees from Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and the University of Southern California. She has worked as branch manager of USCard Services at the USC Medical Campus. She was also the co-founder of a non-profit contemporary music ensemble in Los Angeles and participated in community outreach programs through the Los Angeles Youth Symphony.

Dione will begin working for the Local in May. Please take a moment to welcome her!

04/01/01 President's Report

"Intense" doesn't quite do justice to the past few months…

… SFX Strike …

Foremost is the fact that we have reached an agreement with SFX that gets our musicians back in the pit making music. We feel it was an excellent agreement and gives Local 655 and the AFM an opportunity to create an entirely new structure for touring shows. There is much to be done, and it is far from a "slam-dunk", but it is an exciting opportunity for change that has long been needed.

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