Archives: December 2001

12/01/01 Member Benefits

Life Insurance

The AFM has negotiated a Federation-wide Life Insurance Policy for AFM members. This has resulted in a premium reduction of $7 per member per year, which is reflected in lower Local 655 Annual Dues rates for 2002. A copy of the policy is enclosed.

PLEASE NOTE that you must fill out the enclosed beneficiary designation form and return it to the Local in order to be covered. Thank you.

12/01/01 That Union Thing

Origins of the Labor Movement…Part 1: the Colonial Period

In the 1600’s and 1700’s, America was mostly rural and most people were self-employed as artisans or farmers. The abundance of land prevented the emergence of a feudal or class structure, and the feeling of independence and equality led to a strengthening of the movement for democracy.

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12/01/01 Symphonic Shorts

Organizing Victory in Daytona Beach

Seaside Music Theater, founded in 1977, has grown into a major regional player in the theater world. One of only a few summer theater companies with a live pit orchestra, Seaside has premiered new musicals by composers such as Milton Granger and Steven Schwartz and was one of only five theaters given the rights to perform Miss Saigon this past season.

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12/01/01 Recording Rap

On November 14th our Local hosted a Life Members luncheon at the China Buffet in West Palm Beach. We had a turnout of 20 members and their wives. We will plan another luncheon for our Broward and Miami Life members during the next few months. Thanks again to Rick Ricciardelli for funding our Life Members’ luncheons.

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12/01/01 Casual Corner

Music Man Boycott

Actors’ Equity and the AFM plan to leaflet the non-equity production of Music Man, which will appear at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts December 18-30. Negotiations with the producers are ongoing, and the AFM has begun collecting union authorization cards from those artists performing with the show. Please call the Local or check the website for the latest status.

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12/01/01 Official Business

Annual Dues

Annual Dues are payable in January 2002. You may also make semiannual payments in January and July. Payment must be received by January 31 or you will be subject to late/reinstatement fees, Thank you.

Classification  Semi-Annual (Jan./Jul.) Annual
Regular  $74  $148
Life  $49  $98
Inactive Life  $39  $78

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12/01/01 President's Report

Pamphlet B Negotiations … This is a groundbreaking negotiation in that the AFM is attempting to create a nationwide agreement, not only with the producers and presenters of the shows themselves, but also amongst our fellow traveling musicians and Locals across the country. There are innumerable issues to be resolved amongst ourselves as well as with the Theater League. Progress is being made and two extended negotiating sessions have been scheduled for January 2002. I am cautiously optimistic that these two sessions will bring us substantially closer to an agreement. … 

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