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02/01/02 Member Benefits

January 17 Membership Meeting...Members Voicing their Ideas and Concerns

While the January 17 Membership Meeting did not have a quorum, the 21 members present spent about an hour discussing issues, and made a number of good suggestions. Some of the ideas discussed included:

The Local wishes to thank these members for taking the time to tell us what their concerns are, and the Executive Board will be looking into these ideas in the future.

02/01/02 That Union Thing

Origins of the Labor Movement…Part 2: Merchant Capitalists

The split between labor and management began in the late 1700's with the rise of merchant capitalism. While in the colonial period, most products were "custom-made," now merchants began working with shop masters to produce goods for wholesale trade on the mass market. With the aid of a transportation system provided by merchants, larger mass-producing factories could force smaller shops to compete by joining the bandwagon and lowering wages and increasing working hours.

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02/01/02 Symphonic Shorts

New Initiatives at the Philharmonic

In the last issue of South Florida Musician, we reported that Florida Philharmonic musicians agreed to a reduction in season length to save the orchestra from financial ruin. Musicians agreed to give up four weeks this season and four weeks next season. However, FPO musicians will be even more instrumental in saving the future of the orchestra with the establishment of an Artistic Oversight Board.

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02/01/02 Recording Rap

The first month of the New Year has flown by. If you have moved during 2001 please take the time to do an address check-up. Even though we may have your new address in Local 655’s computer there are other companies that may pay you directly...when you record for Estefan Enterprises they send you your check directly, and you need to update their database. (Did you know that they make your pension contribution and pay your work dues for you?) After they pay the musicians, they mail me the contract, copy of pension contribution, and a work dues check for all the musicians on the contract. If you do a lot of recording for the Estefans this saves you a sizable sum during the year. They do this as a courtesy to Local 655. Recording musicians also need to do new W-4 and I-9’s for the payroll companies, Entertainment Partners and Talent Partners. Call us and we will send the paperwork to you. The Pension Fund, Phonograph Record Special Payments Fund and the Motion Picture and TV Special Payments Fund also need to be updated if you receive checks from them.

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02/01/02 Casual Corner

Wanted: Only You

The local is looking for members to volunteer their time for our Standing Committees. If you have a little time and a proactive, energizing nature please get in touch with our committee chairpersons and help us build a dynamic future together. Contact:

Your participation will be greatly appreciated!

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02/01/02 Official Business

General Membership Meeting

Due to the lack of a quorum at the January 17 meeting, another General Membership Meeting has been scheduled. None of the agenda can be acted on without a quorum of members present. Please mark your calendars and make every effort to attend. Thank you!

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02/01/02 President's Report

… contracts: to file or not to file, is there a question??? … I often wonder, what is the reason for more contracts not being filed? Is there too much paperwork for the leader? Are they too lazy? If the musicians don’t even ask for pension, why would the leader bother? All of the above? At what point does it stop? Do the members want us to bring charges against everyone that works outside of the union? Sometimes I wonder why some bother being IN the Union, if they’re not PART of the Union. 

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