Archives: April 2002

04/01/02 Member Benefits

MPTF Scholarship Winners

Local 655 is pleased to announce the following winners of this year’s MPTF Scholarships. Thanks to members Jeanne Tarrant, Alfredo Oliva, Gary Keller, and Dana Teboe for serving on the selection committee, thanks to Dean Hipp of the University of Miami for providing a location to hold the auditions, and congratulations to the winners!

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04/01/02 That Union Thing

Origins of the Labor Movement…Part 3: 19th Century Unrest

The early 1800’s saw the first developments of the labor movement in the United States. In 1827 in Philadelphia, an organization of workers of more than one craft created citywide concerted action and in the 1830’s organizations were fighting for free education and against monopolies. However, it was in 1834 that the movement really began with the formation of the National Trades Union, as they tried to battle market competition (which drove down wages and drove up work) and immigration (that brought competition from cheap labor.)

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04/01/02 Symphonic Shorts

Miami Chamber Agreement Reached

Musicians of the Miami Chamber Symphony ratified a new agreement in January and a Memorandum of Understanding has recently been signed with the orchestra. The details are:

A new Master Agreement incorporating these changes should be completed and signed shortly, and it will be posted on the website. If you would like a hardcopy, please contact us.

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04/01/02 Recording Rap

I want to thank everyone that took the time to attend the March 19th membership meeting. Because of the quorum and voting, I was able to receive my pay raise. I know how busy everyone is at this time of year and I appreciate all attending.

This past month I had meetings with AFTRA and SAG to introduce myself and to brainstorm ideas to strengthen our Union presence in the Commercial Industry. As I stated in the last newsletter, our Commercial Producers have formed a Miami Chapter of AMP. Rene Barge, who's heading our Chapter, will be doing a project in Spain this summer. Hopefully we'll get a meeting in before he leaves. As Rene is leaving the country, Steve Roitstein of Riot Music will be filling his Executive Board position.

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04/01/02 Casual Corner

Bringing MPTF Money to the Table

When calling on potential sponsors for live music that’s free and open to the public, adjust your selling psychology. Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) request for proposals allow you to “bring money to the table.” Instead of hoping the client sees the value of live music and gives you the job, change your persuasive angle: inform the client that you know of a source of money that is available and may be used for their project. This incentive allows you to distinguish your musical package from all others in your client’s decision-making. They will look at you more as a partner, helping them to stretch their budget while serving the community. MPTF typically covers 40% of scale costs and in educational instances can contribute 50% of solely musical expenses.

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04/01/02 Official Business

Bylaw Amendments Enacted 3/19/02

Below is the new language approved at the March General Membership Meeting:

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04/01/02 President's Report

… Pamphlet B negotiations continue … Progress continues to be made, however slowly. We are scheduled to meet twice during April in hopes of completing this negotiation. There are extensive issues to be resolved being as there are so many different Locals with CBA’s and so much differing language to be resolved. There appears to be a "moderate" faction amongst the Theatre League that is as anxious as we are to reach an agreement. Then there is the "other" faction that seems hell-bent on being as disruptive as possible. Our hopes are that the "moderates" appear to be getting as tired of the "disruptives" as we are! … 

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