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06/01/02 Some Local 655 History

10 Years Ago

20 Years Ago

06/01/02 Strength Through Participation

In 1895, Mary Brickell saved Fort Lauderdale’s Colee Hammock by forcing Henry Flagler to build his Florida East Coast Railway two miles further to the west. Earlier this year, Florida Power and Light tried to do what Flagler couldn’t: tear down Colee Hammock to make way for "progress" (this time, power lines).

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06/01/02 That Union Thing

Origins of the Labor Movement...Part 4: Into the 20th Century

In 1886, the American Federation of Labor was formed. Under it’s first president, Samuel Gompers, it worked toward organizing for union representation, toward collective bargaining, and gave support to striking workers. Its formation came at a time of changing attitudes toward support for workers over business interests...many felt that business controlled the government. This was also the time of the formation of the Populist Party.

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06/01/02 Symphonic Shorts

History of the Florida Philharmonic

Fort Lauderdale Symphony

In 1949 a high school band director by the name of John Canfield created the Ft. Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra. There were 52 musicians that first season and tickets for the three concerts were $1 and $2 each (season tickets were $10). By the second year there were five concerts and 72 musicians (more than half were still nonprofessionals). The budget for the first two seasons amounted to a whopping $14,147. In 1963 Emerson Buckley was hired to conduct the orchestra. By 1975 the orchestra had to add a second performance of each concert set to accommodate their audiences (there was a waiting list for subscriptions!) and in 1977 they gave their first concert in the rapidly developing west Broward area (at the Sunrise Musical Theater). This was also the year that Symphony Hall (still used today for rehearsals) opened at a cost ($350,000) of almost as much as the War Memorial Auditorium.

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06/01/02 Recording Rap

May got off to a running start. Dick Gabriel made a visit during which we called on the new signatory record companies to introduce ourselves and to clean up and document sessions. As of this date our musicians are on Sony Discos sessions for the following artists: Andres Deleon, Angel Lopez and Jordi. Warner Music Latin is doing a project for Los Bacilos and will be using the AFM Report Forms. Each newly signed artist will be on a project-by-project basis with the AFM, so please call me so I can help you to get paid as soon as possible. Alfredo Oliva has become a freelance project coordinator for the various record companies and has been instrumental in documenting sessions and getting the musicians paid in a timely manner. His help has enabled me to spend more time with the record companies, giving tutorials, and visiting producers to establish a better rapport with them and to help them with the AFM paperwork. Many thanks to Alfredo!

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06/01/02 Casual Corner

News & Announcements

Phil Strange recently won Downbeat Magazine’s Student Award for Jazz Instrumental Solo and Best Original Composition…Randy Singer recently recorded the harmonica tracks on Julio Iglesias’ next Sony International release...

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06/01/02 Official Business

Semiannual Dues

If you are paying Annual Dues semiannually, the second payment is due by July 31. Rates are:

Please check your mailing label for the exact amount owed. Thank you!

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06/01/02 Treasurer's Report



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06/01/02 President's Report

… Pamphlet B negotiations finished … Negotiations finished recently and the Federation is in the process of determining eligibility for the ratification process. The possibility of getting a "tiered" system of scales on a nationwide basis was dropped as it was impossible to reconcile such a broad based issue at these negotiations. Because no tiered scale structure was reached, we will be meeting with PTG / SFX / Clear Channel to negotiate that portion of a successor agreement upon ratification of the national agreement. … 

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