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10/01/02 Member Benefits

Union Plus Discounts for Union Members

Did you know you can get discounted Dell computers, rental cars, flower service, credit reports, vacation tours, prescription drugs, dental care, and much more as an AFM member? For more information, call us and ask for a Union Plus brochure or check out their website:

10/01/02 That Union Thing

Origins of the Labor Movement…Part 5: Major Developments in the 20th Century

The 1926 Railway Labor Act was the first to guarantee workers' rights to organize and collectively bargain. The 1933 National Industry Recovery Act gave this right to all employees, but this was later struck down by the Supreme Court. This was finally achieved in 1935 with the National Labor Relations Act, which attempted to tip the balance of power to equality between employer and employee. It gave power to the National Labor Relations Board to handle industrial disputes and to enforce its decisions.

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10/01/02 Symphonic Shorts

AFM Unity Conference Report

Jay Bertolet (Florida Philharmonic) & Rochelle Gnagey Skolnick (Palm Beach Opera) attended the AFM Unity Conference this August. This second Unity Conference brought delegates from several AFM Player Conferences—including ICSOM, ROPA, and OCSM—together to meet and learn from each others’ experiences. Delegates also had the opportunity to meet with AFM President Lee, Secretary-Treasurer Nelson, and members of the Symphonic Services Division to discuss issues of concern. Some of the conference events included:

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10/01/02 Recording Rap

August started with me traveling to NYC for the Latin Alternative Music Conference that was held in SOHO. I assisted Dick Gabriel and Mike Muniz at the AFM booth and met the Puerto Rican pop-rock group Circo (which was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys). The LAMC was a great networking experience as these are bands the labels are looking to sign. There were panels, acoustic showcases and a free concert in Central Park to showcase the bands.

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10/01/02 Casual Corner

New Scales Effective September 1

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10/01/02 Official Business

Membership Drive!

Waived Initiation Fees October 1-December 31

NEW MEMBERS can join for only $37; all Initiation Fees are waived—a savings of $115!  Here’s a list of the benefits they can receive:

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10/01/02 President's Report

… PTG – SFX – Clear Channel Entertainment Tentative Agreement Reached … Pamphlet B was ratified in mid-August and I immediately contacted Clear Channel and began a series of meetings with the musicians in the voting unit to discuss the upcoming negotiations. I am extremely pleased to announce that after negotiations concluded, we have received an offer that greatly reduces the gap that exists between our scales and similar cities and venues across the U.S. I am recommending this new proposal to the voting unit for ratification. The voting will take place at the Local on October 9th. I will keep you informed of the results in my next article. … 

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