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12/01/02 Member Benefits

New Local Engagement Contract form Lets Leader Make Pension Contributions

The AFM has just released a new local engagement form, LS-1. This new form can be used for single engagements (i.e. on a single date at a single location) or multiple engagements as follows: 

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12/01/02 That Union Thing

Living Wage Comes to Broward

Following the lead of Miami-Dade County, Miami Beach, Palm Beach County, and more than 85 cities across the U.S., Broward County recently adopted a minimum living wage of $9.57 an hour. The wage applies to county employees as well as 31 service-oriented companies that hold county contracts. Companies that do not provide health insurance will be required to pay an additional $1.25 per hour.

Living wage campaigns are as much about demanding accountability from companies profiting from taxpayer dollars as they are about raising wages.

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12/01/02 Symphonic Shorts

News & Announcements

The Florida Orchestra in Tampa bucked the trend and reported a surplus of $480,000 for the 2001-2 season...the New World Symphony has selected Danail Rachev for its first year-long Conducting Fellowship...the New World Symphony has received a $1.6 million endowment and operating grant from the Helen F. Whitaker Fund...the Gusman Center’s Olympia Theater recently reopened to $2 million in renovations, including painting, rewiring, new air conditioning, and acoustical adjustments...the Miami Herald reports that South Florida fundraising is down 50% from two years ago, partly attributed to the completion of university campaigns totaling $425 million...the Greater Palm Beach Symphony received a $1 million endowment check from arts patron Dora Bak, who also recently gave $1.5 million to the Palm Beach County Middle School of the Arts...the Florida Philharmonic has appointed Kathy Yarbrough, former executive director of the Alabama Symphony, as Director of Development...the New World Symphony participated on October 29 in the Internet2 National Conference in Los Angeles...

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12/01/02 Recording Rap

The first month of the New Year has flown by. If you have moved during 2001 please take the time to do an address check-up. Even though we may have your new address in Local 655’s computer there are other companies that may pay you directly...when you record for Estefan Enterprises they send you your check directly, and you need to update their database. (Did you know that they make your pension contribution and pay your work dues for you?) After they pay the musicians, they mail me the contract, copy of pension contribution, and a work dues check for all the musicians on the contract. If you do a lot of recording for the Estefans this saves you a sizable sum during the year. They do this as a courtesy to Local 655. Recording musicians also need to do new W-4 and I-9’s for the payroll companies, Entertainment Partners and Talent Partners. Call us and we will send the paperwork to you. The Pension Fund, Phonograph Record Special Payments Fund and the Motion Picture and TV Special Payments Fund also need to be updated if you receive checks from them.

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12/01/02 Casual Corner

Wanted: Only You

The local is looking for members to volunteer their time for our Standing Committees. If you have a little time and a proactive, energizing nature please get in touch with our committee chairpersons and help us build a dynamic future together. Contact:

Your participation will be greatly appreciated!

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12/01/02 Official Business

Annual Dues Now Payable

(Inactive Category by request only...if you are not currently an Inactive Life Member and wish to be reclassified, please call the Local at 954-925-1996 to request a form)

Payments received after January 31, 2003 may be subject to late or reinstatement fees. You may make semiannual payments, with half due in January and the balance due in July.

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12/01/02 President's Report

… PTG – SFX – Clear Channel Entertainment CBA “Signed, Sealed & Delivered” … I am extremely pleased to announce that the new three-year CBA has been ratified and signed and the new scales and conditions commenced with the start of “Lion King” at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. …  TEMPO … I urge each and everyone to help, if everyone in the AFM gave just $1.00 per year that would give the AFM $100,000.00 to work with in Congress on behalf of musicians’ causes. … 

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