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02/13/03 Local 655 Shares Database to Increase New Use Collections

Local 655 has made its database of recording contracts available to the AFM's Electronic Media Department in Los Angeles. The database, which is updated weekly, will allow the New Use department to search by artist and song title recording contracts filed for sessions recorded in south Florida. The AFM New Use department regularly monitors for songs used in movies, commercials, and so on, and musicians who recorded under AFM contracts are entitled to additional payments for such usage. Sharing the database will expedite payments to musicians for new use of their recordings. While the database currently only contains information on recording contracts filed since the mid-1990's, Local 655 plans to add all contracts in its archive filed prior to that time to the database this summer.

02/01/03 Member Benefits

Union Plus Discounts for Members

For more information, call us and ask for a Union Plus brochure or check out their website:

02/01/03 That Union Thing

Taft-Hartley Legislation


During WWII, the government pressured workers not to strike even though businesses were making huge profits. After WWII labor tried to make up lost ground and held many successful strikes. As their power increased, labor began entering politics. Business became alarmed at the growth of laborís power and, with support of President Truman, launched an anti-labor propaganda campaign. They proposed that labor was responsible for price increases, and that unions were corrupt, undemocratic, and dominated by communists.

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02/01/03 Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act Needs Your Help

In the last Congress, Senator Feingold of Wisconsin introduced the Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act, and he is about to re-introduce the bill. You can help:

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02/01/03 Tempo 2002

Contribute to TEMPO!

Support those that lobby on your behalf for immigration, copyright, internet streaming, airline baggage, and other issues. Unions cannot legally use dues money to support political candidates; they rely on voluntary contributions to promote candidates who support our interests rather than those of big business.

You can help: Include an extra $1 in your next dues check!

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02/01/03 Symphonic Shorts

Airline Carry-on Baggage Problems...

Palm Beach Opera Orchestra member Rochelle Skolnick was forced to purchase a separate ticket for her 250-year old violin when she flew out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International. A Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music professor could not get through Delta Airline security at Cincinnati/North Kentucky International because his violin was too big. United Airlines forced American String Quartet violinist Peter Winograd to purchase a ticket for his violin on the spot in San Francisco.  Student instruments have been destroyed while traveling in baggage, and a bassoonist had reeds confiscated while trying to get through a security checkpoint.

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02/01/03 Recording Rap

I wish everyone a profitable New Year and want to thank all the musicians that helped new members sign up during our membership drive. The 2002 recording totals have passed the $1,100,000 mark and will surpass my goal of $1,200,000 when we receive the final 2002 recording contracts.

NARAS member Alfredo Oliva was asked to be part of the Classical Screening Nomination committee for this years Grammyís. NARAS flew him to LA the beginning of December where the committee selected the top 15 entries in each of the Classical categories. The committee was comprised of musicians from all over the United States. The Grammy judges will now vote on the top five in the Classical categories.

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02/01/03 Casual Corner

MPTF $$ Available

Hats off to Calvin Holt, who joined Local 655 this past October. Calvin took up the MPTF challenge and played Miami Gardens Nursing Home to a delighted crowd. MPTF co-funded Calvinís performance with a 50% contribution, and the nursing home picked up the other half.

You too can take up the MPTF challenge and share your music with deserving and appreciative people in nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. Money is available now! Call Jake Luger at 954-925-1996 (Mondays and Fridays) for more information.

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02/01/03 Official Business

General Membership Meeting

Date: Monday, March 10, 2003 at 12:00 noon

Location: Hollywood Playhouse, 2640 Washington St., Hollywood


Amendments to the Bylaws. Please click here for details. The committee reports favorably on these amendments.

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02/01/03 President's Report

Broadway Musicians Need Our Assistance

(From our colleagues at Local 802 and the TMA)

On March 2, 2003, the agreement between AFM Local 802 and the League of American Theatres and Producers covering Broadway's orchestras expires.

Based on the negotiations for the Pamphlet B Touring Shows that I attended from October 2001 through March 2002, the League is prepared to play hardball with the Broadway musicians on a number of issues.

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