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04/01/03 Why Record Union?

So what CAN  happen?

Say you record a jingle...for starters, jingles run in 13-week cycles, so if it continues to play, you receive a check every 13 weeks.  And that jingle could be used in a movie or on a record, resulting in new use payments.  Members of KC and the Sunshine Band are still making money on things they did 20 years ago. 

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04/01/03 Member Benefits

Union Plus Health Savings Programs

If you’re interested in saving money on your family’s health care costs, the Union Plus Health Savings Program offers a great financial cure for you and your family members (including parents). The Standard Program can help you save on prescriptions, vision care, podiatry care, diabetic supplies, and hearing care. Visit or call 1-800-228-3523 for more details. Save up to 40% on prescription drugs (generic or name-brand) at over 24,00 participating pharmacies nationwide—including Thrifty/Payless, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens and many others. This program offers up to 30% savings on vision care. Also receive up to 50% savings on selected frames, glasses and contact lenses at over 9,000 optometrists nationwide. The program also offers savings on laser vision correction surgery. The Premium Program offers Dental care savings in addition to the benefits of the Standard Program. You can save up to 35% on dental services provided through the program. You can search for a dentist in your area at

04/01/03 That Union Thing

Unions, Unite!

Unions are about individual members working together to achieve common goals, and now even the unions themselves are uniting to work together.

The recent AFM Broadway strike increased its effectiveness by gaining the support of actors and technicians, and as reported in the last issue of SFM, 13 Broadway unions and guilds have formed COBUG to work together to strengthen the position of their members. SAG and AFTRA have agreed to present a unified front in upcoming commercials negotiations, and may even merge in the near future.

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04/01/03 Symphonic Shorts

Education Outreach Initiatives

Building future audiences is the job of all arts organizations, and two organizations have made recent news with their initiatives.

The Indianapolis Symphony began a pilot program in five schools three years ago, and is now looking to dramatically expand the program to entire school districts at a cost of $10 million. The orchestra developed a curriculum that integrates music into math, science, and other subjects, and teachers train with the artists and are provided lesson plans. Studies have shown that the program has helped students to be more creative and expressive and has helped them to learn academics more easily.

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04/01/03 Recording Rap

February and March have been extremely busy. Our President, Peter Graves, is producing the Jaco Pastorius Big Band album titled “Word of Mouth Revisited” at the Gallery Recording Studio owned by ex-UM Bass player, Rick Howell. The record company is Telarc on the HeadsUp label. Guest bass soloists are Victor Wooten, Gerald Veasley, Victor Bailey, Richard Bona, Christian McBride, Jimmy Haslip and Felix Pastorius. Local 655 musicians are: trumpets-Jeff Kievit, Ken Faulk and Jason Carder; trombones-Dana Teboe, John Kricker and Craig Gosnell; Saxes-Billy Ross, Ed Calle, Mike Scaglione, Gary Keller and Mike Brignola; keys-Mike Levine; guitar-Randy Bernsen; drums-Mark Griffith; arranger-Larry Warrilow; and conducted by Peter Graves. I’m looking forward to the release date.

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04/01/03 Casual Corner

NOTICE: New Engagement Reporting Requirements

Please note that as a result of Bylaw amendments adopted on March 10, 2003, engagement reports and accompanying work dues are now to be transmitted to the Local within 21 days of the engagement (no longer by the 15th of the following month). Please contact the Local if you have questions. Thank you.

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04/01/03 Official Business

Members Adopt Bylaw Revision

At the General Membership Meeting on March 10, 2003 members present adopted the proposed Revision to the Bylaws, with the following amendment:

The revised Bylaws are available online at:


You may also contact the Local to request a hard copy.

04/01/03 President's Report

Tentative Agreement Reached On Broadway

On March 7th, the Broadway musicians went on strike after negotiations had failed to resolve the major issue of minimums on Broadway. At the 11th hour, the actors and stagehands joined the musicians by refusing to cross Local 802’s picket lines. This was a huge victory for Union solidarity. We applaud the efforts of the actors and stagehands, the strength and courage that it displayed was enormous.

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