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Students at the Young Musicians’ Camp, held at the Frost School of Music on the campus of the University of Miami, will spend the summer jamming with Local 655 members the likes of five-time Grammy -nominated jazz artist Ira Sullivan*, Downbeat Magazine prizewinning pianist, Phil Strange*, and South Florida’s jazz favorite - Joe Donato*. They will be coached by Curtis graduate and prize-winning concert violinist Huifang Chen*. They will learn to sing with Jimmy Buffet’s former vocalist, Nicole Yarling*.

“We feel so fortunate that these great artists are willing to work with our young people at the camp,” said camp director, Sarah Neham Salz. “ During most of the year these musicians are busy performing, traveling, or teaching college students. They were so excited when I offered them this opportunity to be a part of a summer music camp,” added Simon Salz*, co-director.

The Young Musicians’ Camp welcomes children between the ages of 7 - 16 who either play an instrument or sing. They also have a program for kids who are total beginners - the only requirement is a love of music, say the directors. Buses transport talented children from Dade and Broward county to attend the camp, which begins on June 28 and lasts for one month. The UM Citizen’s Board has donated money to sponsor the Guest Artist Program and has also funded the camp scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to any child who was chosen to participate in the Dade or Broward Superintendent’s Honors Festival. For further information call: 305-284-2241 or see the web site: and click on Young Musicians’ Camp.

Additional Local 655 faculty and guest artists include: Chuck Bergeron*, Simon Salz*, Gary Keller*, Deborah Fleischer*, Juliene Purefoy*, Ed Maina*, Suzan deGoyer*, and others.

*member, South Florida Musicians Association

06/01/04 That Union Thing

From AFL-CIO Work in Progress:

GOING BACK TO GO FORWARD—After spending three frustrating years without a contract as part of an unaffiliated union, a majority of 2,500 Jacksonville, Fla., city workers voted March 25 to rejoin AFSCME Council 75.

New International Association of Machinists members include 15 janitors and mailroom workers for Creative Management Technologies at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

33 police officers in Winter Garden, Fla., voted to join Teamsters Local 385.

06/01/04 Member Benefits

Reasons to Belong…South Florida Musicians Association And the AFM

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06/01/04 Legislative Roundup

EnFORCE Act Goes to Floor

The EnFORCE Act, S. 1933 has left the Senate Judiciary Committee to be debated on the Senate floor. The act helps musicians in three ways:

  1. Music industry antitrust exemptions are expanded to new forms of distribution, such as DVD, for purposes of negotiating royalty rates.

  2. Courts would be allowed to consider parts of a compilation separately for purposes of computing copyright violation damages.

  3. Department of Justice would receive an additional $5 million for intellectual property enforcement, including specific training for agents and at least one full-time agent for each unit investigating intellectual property crimes.

06/01/04 Symphonic Shorts

Where’s My Paycheck?

Having problems getting paid for a gig? Here are some suggestions for what to do.

Under a Union Contract

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06/01/04 Recording Rap

Board member Steve Roitstein is now President of the Miami Chapter of AMP (American Music Producers). Steve, a Commercial Producer, has Riot Music and also is head of our Recording Committee. He has an extensive background in both recording and commercial work.  Our Commercial department has grown from $63,500 on contracts in 1998 to over $290,500 on contracts in 2003. During that time quite a few new producers have joined our Local. For more information on AMP, e-mail Steve at steve[at]riotmusic[dot]com or check out the AMP website at

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06/01/04 Casual Corner

2004 Swap Meet

We are in the planning stages for the fall 2004 Local 655 Instrument Swap. If you are interested in participating as a vendor, please contact the Local. We are also looking for volunteers to assist in advertising, set up, planning, etc. 

06/01/04 Official Business

Help TEMPO help Musicians fight for…

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06/01/04 Treasurer's Report


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06/01/04 Cliff's Notes

So here it is one again, SUMMER, the slow season, band camp, out of town gigs, slow nights, complaining club owners, etc. For family I love this time of year.  For business I hate this time of year.  I usually try my best to look ahead and book ahead. If I focus, October will be here before I know it and I can start complaining about too much work.

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