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12/01/04 That Union Thing

From AFL-CIO Work in Progress:

HEALTHY VICTORY—The majority of 200 health care workers at Westminster Care and Rehabilitation Center in Orlando, Florida., voted to join Local 1625, United Food and Commercial Workers in late August.

DELIVERING A WIN AT DHL—Some 214 workers at DHL package sorting and delivery facilities in Miami joined Teamsters Local 390 recently. Fourteen workers at DHL Logistics, concerned about job security and health care costs, voted Sept. 15 for the union. In July, some 200 workers at DHL-Gateway also voted for Local 390.

12/01/04 Member Benefits

Scale Committee Seeks Members and Input

The Wage Scale Committee will soon be beginning a thorough review of the wage scales. If you would be interested in serving on the committee, or have comments or suggestions for the committee, please contact Michael Harp at mike[at]afm655[dot]org or call the Local at 954-925-1996. Thank you!

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12/01/04 Legislative Roundup

Runaway Production Legislation Passes

Thanks to advocacy by the AFM and other unions, new legislation has been adopted  which offsets incentives by countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany. Film and TV producers must keep at least 75% of services compensated in the United States to qualify for these new tax incentives.

12/01/04 Symphonic Shorts

New PBO Members

As a result of auditions this past October, the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra welcomes the following new members:

12/01/04 Casual Corner

Investing in the Arts

The arts are a cornerstone of tourism, states yet another study. Thirty-two percent of travelers extend their stays to attend cultural or historic events, says a study done by Partners in Tourism and the Travel industry Association of America.

—source: Wisconsin State Journal

Broward County #1 in “State of the Arts” (?)

For the fifth year, more “State of the Arts” license plates were sold in Broward county than anywhere else in Florida.

12/01/04 Official Business

Annual Dues Now Payable…

Regular:  $142  +$3 TEMPO (voluntary)=$145

Life:  $92  +$3 TEMPO (voluntary)=$95

Inactive Life:  $62  +$3 TEMPO (voluntary)=$65

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12/01/04 Cliff's Notes

Back in the dark ages, a musician that I represented called me and asked if I would make their gigs Union. I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained to me that the guys in the band were making over scale wage and they would really like to put money into their pension fund. All I had to do was simply become a signatory to the Pension plan, cut one more check, and fill out an engagement report. It was really easy. I was now a Union contractor and it did not cost me any more money.

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