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04/01/05 That Union Thing

Wal-Mart...Good or Bad for America?

At the turn of the last century, Henry Ford became a success by paying his workers enough so that they could afford to buy his cars. Reversing a 100-year trend, Wal-Mart pays its workers so little that they can only afford to shop at its stores. Wal-Mart has also reversed history by becoming more powerful than its manufacturers, able to dictate business plans, including price, packaging, and quality, in exchange for shelf space at its stores. Manufacturers such as Kentucky Derby Hosiery have been forced to eliminate U.S. jobs and open plants in low-cost countries such as China in order to hang on to their Wal-Mart accounts. According to the Economic Policy Institute, this has undercut the ability of many workers to earn decent wages and benefits.

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04/01/05 Member Benefits

Why We Organize

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04/01/05 Industry News

Club Date

Florida Atlantic University held its first Hip-Hop Symposium on February 26. Recognizing the popularity of rap music and the growth of hip-hop into a $10 billion industry, the FAU symposium brought together visiting professors and students to discuss the impact of this music on politics and social change.

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04/01/05 Local News

Communication Is The Key

The main reason for the re-energizing of our recording scene is communication. If you have any recording going on, let us know. It doesn't matter what it is. We can only be effective if we know what's going on, so call us! Or use our anonymous "Report A Dark Date" form:

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04/01/05 Official Business

Regular Membership Meeting Called

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04/01/05 Studio Beat

I Am A Business

When I started as a working musician, I often said Im not good at business; Im a musician. Predictably, those words quickly became my unfortunate reality. After being stung a couple of times, I decided to start saying Im going to get better at business. The big realization eventually came to me: I am a business.

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