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05/29/05 Symphonic Representatives Appointed

Symphonic Representatives Appointed

Recognizing the need to provide a focal point for symphonic information and coordinating symphonic activities, the Local 655 Executive Board has created a position of Symphonic Representative and confirmed the appointment of Holly Ballard and Jeffrey Apana to jointly fill the position.

Jeffrey Apana, a freelance oboist, is currently serving his fourth term as Secretary-Treasurer. He organized Seaside Music Theater Orchestra for union representation and helped to negotiate their first collective bargaining agreement. He has also assisted in several negotiations for the former Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.

Holly Ballard, a freelance French Hornist and lifelong resident of south Florida, organized the former Boca Pops Orchestra and served as its Orchestra Committee Chair for many years. She also helped to start the organizing campaign for the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra. She is currently serving her fourth term as a member of the Executive Board.

By creating a Symphonic Representative position, the Local hopes to take a proactive role in educating members of the symphonic community on the role of the union and the importance of collective bargaining agreements, and in raising the profile of the Local in the symphonic community. The position will allow the Local to provide proactive representation, to monitor the industry for actions that affect symphonic musicians, and to develop productive working relationships with local symphonic organizations. Ballard and Apana also hope to open a dialogue with local cultural arts councils in support of the south Florida music community.

05/08/05 Chandler Elected Director

On Friday May 6, Dione Chandler was elected to fill the office of Director recently vacated by former Director Michael Harp. Chandler, a member of the AFM since 1993 and of Local 655 since 2001, has served as Administrative Assistant for the Local for several years and is currently on the Organizing Committee. Chandler is an oboist with degrees from Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and the University of Southern California and currently performs with Palm Beach Opera Orchestra, Southwest Florida Symphony, and several other organizations.