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06/01/05 That Union Thing

Wages Down, Prices and CEO Pay Up

While the economy may have expanded 4.4% last year, little of that growth is being passed on to the majority of American workers. Inflation grew 0.2% more than wages grew last year (2.7% vs. 2.5%). On the other hand, CEO salaries rose an average 12% last year, increasing the gap between CEO and worker pay to more than 300-to-1. The gap in most other wealthy nations rarely  reaches even 100-to-1.

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06/01/05 Industry News

Local/Club Date

The Broward Center has placed third in Pollstar’s World Top 50 Theaters chart, behind the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace and the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Office Depot Center placed ninth in the U.S. and 14th in the World Top 50 Arenas chart. Rankings are based in ticket sales.

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06/01/05 Get What You're Worth

Imagine if every trumpet player in south Florida insisted on getting paid $500 per service. Contractors call offering less money, but every trumpet player turns them down...what's the contractor to do? Either do without trumpets, or pay the asking price.

The other day a group of musicians were offered a pittance for a gig. When word got around what Union Scale was for the job, the asking price suddenly doubled.

That's what union scales are about. Strength in numbers. Minimum standards. Respect. Getting what you're worth.

Now imagine if everyone in south Florida insisted on getting pension contributions and on the protection of AFM contracts!

06/01/05 Official Business

New Director Elected to Executive Board

On Friday May 6, Dione Chandler was elected to fill the office of Director recently vacated by former Director Michael Harp. Chandler, a member of the AFM since 1993 and of Local 655 since 2001, has served as Administrative Assistant to the Local for several years and is currently on the Organizing Committee. Chandler is an oboist with degrees from Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and the University of Southern California and currently performs with Palm Beach Opera Orchestra, Southwest Florida Symphony, and several other organizations. 

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06/01/05 Treasurer's Report


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06/01/05 Studio Beat

Fred’s Nightmare Gig

The call came in the middle of the off-season. Fred, (not his real name) a member of our Local, was having a slow couple of weeks. The contractor told him that the show, a “Broadway-style” musical, was not a Union gig, but it offered four weeks of work. Fred didn’t like the below-scale wages, lack of pension, or the free rehearsals, but since little else was going on, he accepted it.

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06/01/05 Cliff's Notes

$2.73 per week, one hell of a deal

While chatting with members, I hear “…joined the Local because my parents were members”, “been in it since I was a kid”, “I had to join, to do a gig”, “did a recording session up north” and many other reasons, but very few members mention that they joined to take advantage of a good deal.

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