Archives: August 2005

08/01/05 That Union Thing

Who Gets Pieces of the Productivity Gains Pie?

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08/01/05 Industry News

Local/Club Date

Fort Lauderdale’s 1200-seat Parker Playhouse, which opened in 1967 and was home to Broadway tours until the opening of the Broward Center in 1991, will be managed by the Broward Center starting August 1. Broward Center President Mark Nerenhausen has characterized the deal as a joint relationship with the organizations joining forces to strengthen the arts in our community.

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08/01/05 Official Business

Scales Increase

Please note that the new Wage Scales take effect on September 1. All rates will increase by 3%. Please visit the website or call the office for more information.

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08/01/05 Double Times

Thank you to all who voiced their encouragement and support for us in our new positions as Symphonic Representatives. We will do our very best to provide you with the proactive representation that our symphonic musicians deserve. We are pleased to announce that in the past two months we have:

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08/01/05 Studio Beat

Local 655 Representation at the AFM Convention

Two years ago, we received the bad news: the 2003 AFM Convention had decided to tax recording musicians’ income from the Special Payments Funds (SPF) to help the Federation stay financially solvent. Our members were immediately concerned about this news; many unanswered questions remained about Federation finances, and about the fairness and practicality of the tax itself. It soon became clear that many other AFM members shared our apprehension, and an atmosphere of divisiveness grew to threaten the AFM more than any time in recent history.

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