Newsletter Archives: October 2005

10/01/05 That Union Thing

Performers, reporters, producers, technicians, writers, editors, and photographers at the Hialeah Gardens Spanish-language station America TeVe, WJAN Channel 41, have filed for union representation through a National Labor Relations Board election. They seek to be represented by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and hope that union representation will enable them to gain basics such as breaks and mealtimes, as well as benefits such as paid vacation and medical insurance, which they currently do not receive.

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10/01/05 Industry News

Local/Club Date

The State of Florida has approved $28.6 million in arts funding for fiscal 2006. This return to the level of funding of prior years after the recent reduction to $6 million for the past two years is due in part to a tax windfall.

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10/01/05 Member Benefits

Health Insurance Now Available!

Local 655 is pleased to announce a new benefit available to members only...Primary Care and Major Medical health insurance, which can be purchased separately or together. Both plans feature no networks: Any Doctor, Any Hospital, Anywhere! For more information, please call the Local or visit the health insurance website at:


10/01/05 Official Business

Newsletter to be Distributed Electronically

Online at: Http:// in both text and PDF formats. The Local will begin transitioning to electronic delivery, rather than paper copies by U.S. Mail, for those who have e-mail addresses on file with the Local. Please watch your e-mail for information on opting in (or opting out) of electronic delivery. Thank you!

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10/01/05 Double Times

Florida Philharmonic Bankruptcy

The musicians’ claims have finally been agreed to, and we await resolution of a claim by former music director James Judd before claims can be paid, which unfortunately will not be before December. Thanks go to FPO committee members Jay Bertolet and Geoff Hale for helping to get the largest claims possible for FPO members.

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10/01/05 Studio Beat

Members: The Strength of Our Local

 We’ve been building momentum at Local 655. Lots of good things are happening, and it all centers around our members. The more the members are involved in this Local, the better things get.

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