Newsletter Archives: December 2005

12/01/05 That Union Thing

Wal-Mart Workers Begin to Organize in Florida

Some 250 Wal-Mart employees in central Florida have formed the Wal-Mart Workers Association. They hope the new organization will give them a voice at work and a way to collectively air complaints on issues such as reductions in hours, schedule changes, and loss of health care benefits.

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12/01/05 Member Benefits

Health Insurance Now Available!

Local 655 is pleased to announce a new benefit available to members only...Primary Care and Major Medical health insurance, which can be purchased separately or together. Both plans feature no networks: Any Doctor, Any Hospital, Anywhere! For more information, please call the Local or visit the health insurance website at:


12/01/05 Industry News

Local/Club Date

The Seminole Tribe has begun negotiations to buy out developer Cordish Corp. and assume management of the hotels, shops, restaurants, and night clubs at Hollywood Hard Rock. The contract with Cordish calls for the developer to receive thirty percent of the net hotel and gaming profits, or an estimated $1.2 billion over the life of the ten-year contract.

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12/01/05 Official Business

Your Union...Members working together for the greater good of all musicians

South Florida Musicians Association...a community of musicians, working together to do what is right and promote dignity, fairness and respect for each other and for musicians throughout south Florida. We rely on the strength and unity of you, our members—the “U” in Union—to be successful.

It’s your union…imagine what could be accomplished by combining our efforts and resources for a common goal rather than fighting each other for our own—and comparatively minor—ambitions.

It’s your union...nurture it and it will grow. Neglect it and it will surely wither.

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12/01/05 Studio Beat

I hope this letter finds you well. After the stormy year we’ve all been through, this holiday season gives us many reasons to reflect. My term as President commences on January 1. I look forward to serving you honorably and effectively during the next 2 years. I will also continue as your Electronic Media Rep.

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12/01/05 Double Times

Renaissance Chamber Orchestra

Since our last issue, the Orchestra has ceased operations and the entire Board of Directors has resigned, leaving the musicians unpaid for most of the summer series. However, we’ve learned of other avenues to pursue payment for the musicians and will continue to follow those leads until musicians are paid.

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