Archives: February 2006

02/03/06 AFL-CIO Announces Election Endorsements

The Broward County AFL-CIO has made the following endorsements for the March 14, 2006 General Election:

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02/01/06 Members Pay Tribute to Simon Salz


A Tribute to Simon Salz, 1955-2005

salz05f.jpgWhen I first moved to Miami, by chance, I moved into an apartment that was walking distance from the Unitarian Church in South Miami. There I met Ira Sullivan and of course so many other great musicians like Simon Salz.

I loved listening to those guys play and I drank in the vibe of the place; the reverberating sound, the low lights and relaxed atmosphere where people got up to dance and move to the music. I tried to make it there every Monday night.

I was impressed by Simon the first time I heard him play. He played without a pick, using instead, a classical style of fingerpicking.  He knew an endless list of tunes and Ira's tempos were not a problem for him. He had a warm sound and was an important part of the band. He often set a mood with an intro vamp or played with Ira till the very last note of a tune quietly ascended to the vaulted ceiling.

I remember his enthusiasm. He seemed to be having the time of his life. I miss those days.

-Sandy Poltarack

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02/01/06 That Union Thing

Living Wage Does Work

A study by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research of the University of New Mexico found that the establishment of a living wage of $8.50 in Santa Fe in 2004 did not result in employment declines.

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02/01/06 Industry News

Local/Club Date

The New World School of the Arts was one of five schools honored as Coca-Cola Company Distinguished Schools in the Arts. The five schools have had National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts ARTS award winners each year since the programís inception.

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02/01/06 Official Business

sares.jpgArthur Paul Sares, 82, of Delray Beach, passed away peacefully on October 24, 2005 after a brief illness. Art Sares has been compared to Tommy Dorsey as one of the great lyrical trombone players of the world.

After enlisting and serving in World War II, he earned his BA and MA degrees from Northwestern University and the Chicago Conservatory of Music, respectively. He played lead trombone with Frank Sinatra, Burt Bacharach, the Chicago Festival Symphony Orchestra, and hundreds of the biggest name acts in the world. Sares was a professor of music at Palm Beach Community College and Florida International University. He was also the lead trombonist for the Florida Symphonic Pops, Palm Beach Pops, and Boca Pops and a member of Local 655 for nearly 20 years.

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02/01/06 Studio Beat

Happy belated New Year to you all! I hope that 2006 is a healthy and prosperous year for all of you and your families. I send my congratulations to Dan Warner, vice president, Jeffrey Apana, secretary-treasurer, and the entire executive board. Iím extremely encouraged by the enthusiasm and energy of the board and the committees. Thereís a sincere desire to see our local grow and thrive. I look forward to working closely with them and with all of you, the members of this Local.

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02/01/06 Double Times

FPO Bankruptcy

The Florida Philharmonic bankruptcy is nearing its conclusion. The hearing to confirm the liquidation plan will be on February 23, and should the plan be confirmed, which we expect, creditors should be receiving claims payments in March. We expect the musicians to receive on average $12,500.

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