Archives: June 2006

06/01/06 That Union Thing

University Janitors Fight for Respect

Janitors at the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University, both subcontracted through Massachusetts-based contractor UNICCO, are fighting for better pay and affordable health care coverage.

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06/01/06 Industry News

Local/Club Date

Palm Beach Cultural Council announces Grants for 2007

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06/01/06 Member Benefits

Did you know you that Union Plus now offers Consumer Reports?

Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports® and®, is the established leader in providing impartial buying recommendations based on product testing. Beginning February 2006, union members will be able to subscribe to the online magazine at 20% off the regular price. For only $19.95, union members will have access to weekly updated consumer information and even ask questions via e-mail. Go to for more information about this valuable new benefit.

06/01/06 Musicians and the Blues

Musicians face many of the same issues in their lives as the general population, but experience many of those issues in unique ways.  For instance, if a performing musician experiences relationship or marriage problems, it is as likely to send the performer into a musical down period, or depression, as it is to affect the musician interpersonally. 

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06/01/06 Official Business

Do you need an extra gig?

Do you also believe in music education?

A great way to get a gig and support music education is to present free concerts  in  the schools. 

We can help set you up with the schools and help you find cosponsors, but we need musicians and programs! For more information please contact Dione at the Local: 954-925-1996 or dione[at]afm655[dot]org.

06/01/06 Studio Beat

The AFM’s Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA) expired on January 31, 2006. Negotiations between the AFM and the record companies began last October in New York. There were many complex issues to cover, and at times the discussions became intense. I was present the first week of negotiations, and Vice President Dan Warner attended subsequent meetings. The entire AFM team worked very hard on your behalf. Dan and I ensured that our particular issues were heard.

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06/01/06 Double Times

With the assistance of Janice Galassi (AFM) and Jan Gippo (ICSOM), we recently visited the New World Symphony and Lynn University to bring the message of the AFM to the respective fellows/students. We had some good discussions with them about job security, minimum standards, and the role of the AFM, and we hope to establish regular  visits to all of the local music schools in the future.

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06/01/06 Profile: Jeffrey Apana

apana.jpgJeffrey Apana received his BM in performance from the Eastman School of Music where he studied oboe with Dr. Richard Killmer and Mr. Henry Schuman and English horn with Mr. Jonathan Parkes. He received his MM in performance from the Florida State University as a student of Dr. Eric Ohlsson, and has participated in master classes of John Mack and Joseph Robinson. A member of the Ohio Light Opera orchestra from 1991-1992, Apana has played with the Seaside Music Theater orchestra in Daytona Beach since 1993 and is presently oboist and English hornist with the Florida Classical Orchestra.

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