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Union musicians of the Florida Classical Orchestra will leaflet opening night performances of Miami City Ballet's Nutcracker to thank donors for returning them to music-making for the Ballet.

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11/03/06 AFTRA & FREC Sponsor "Performers' Labs Series"

Co-Sponsors AFTRA & FREC present HOME STUDIOS PART II - PRO TOOLS 101, with Memo Sauceda, Connie Zimet, and Dave Corey, and hosted by the Student Technologies Association of Miami Dade College.

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11/01/06 Official Business

Scales Adopted

Members attending the October 20, 2006 membership meeting adopted the proposed wage scale revisions. The proposal was adopted as presented, with the following amendment: the language, "Shows with dinner, dance, or other incidental music must be booked as a continuous  casual engagement" will be retained. Minutes are available in the members' section.

Meeting Reminder 

The next membership meeting will be Friday, December 8, 2006 at 11:00 am. The agenda will be announced in the December 1 newsletter. 

11/01/06 Headache: The Chiropractic Approach

Why do millions of headache sufferers turn to the natural, drug-free chiropractic approach to health? That's because chiropractic has a unique healing approach.

Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained to analyze your body for a serious and often ignored condition that can damage your nerves, cause tissue inflammation, cause muscles to tighten and knot, cause fatigue, weaken your body, and set the stage for sickness and disease. This condition is called the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).

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11/01/06 Member Benefits

Spirit Vacations has offered an exclusive discount to South Florida Musicians Association for travel packages booked on their website by December 31, 2006 for travel through April 30, 2007. For information on the packages available, please visit . Please contact us for more information on the discounts available.

11/01/06 Double Times

Hollywood Philharmonic Warning

Please be advised that the Hollywood Philharmonic, under the direction of Ron Zapen, has been bouncing checks to musicians. The orchestra pays less than union scale (when the checks don't bounce) and there's no union contract in place, making it difficult for us to help stiffed musicians. We strongly recommend that you not play for the Hollywood Philharmonic.

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11/01/06 Studio Beat

Adapt or Die

AFM president Tom Lee recently requested input regarding the most important issue facing the AFM: member recruitment and retention. This local and the AFM have experienced an alarming decrease in membership over the years. This issue has been a constant theme at South Florida Musicians executive board meetings.

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11/01/06 That Union Thing

Rights of Union Members Protected by Federal Law

Unions are only corrupt if their members allow it.

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA), which can be found at , guarantees certain rights to union members, requires unions to make certain information publicly available, and allows the Federal Government to get involved when unions fail to fulfill their obligations to members.

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11/01/06 Industry News

Local/Club Date

An increased hotel bed tax will pay for a new performing arts center in Orlando. The center will cost $389 million and will be home to the Orlando Philharmonic, Orlando Ballet, and Orlando Opera. The tax increase will also fund a new arena for the Orlando Magic and renovations to the Citrus Bowl.

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