Archives: February 2007

02/01/07 Join Now and Save $115

Membership Drive Announced!

From now through March 31, new members can join without having to pay Initiation Fees, a savings of $115!

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02/01/07 Member Benefits

Movie Tickets for Less

Enjoy a night out and save. Want to spend a night out at the movies but don’t want to pay those high ticket prices? You can see the movie and afford popcorn if you purchase your tickets through the Union Plus Entertainment Discount. (This Union Plus program is provided by American Education Services, a union shop with 1,000 union workers.)

Call today to place your ticket order, use member ID: 74438769
1.800.565.3712 or http//

02/01/07 Double Times

We recently met with the New World Symphony Fellows, assisted by President Roitstein, AFM Symphonic Services Director Laura Brownell, AFM Director of Organizing and Education Janice Galassi, ROPA President Tom Fetherston, and special guest Jonathan Sherwin, Cleveland Orchestra Committee Chair.

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02/01/07 That Union Thing

Charter School teachers in Pembroke Pines voted to join the Broward Teachers Union (an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association). The teachers believe union representation will help them make the charter schools better institutions and allow them to have a voice.

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02/01/07 Industry News

A new book published by cognitive psychologist Daniel Levitin suggests that listening to live music affects the brain differently from listening to recorded music. Levitin directs the Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition, and Expertise at McGill University, and his book is entitled This is Your Brain on Music. A Study done by Levitin also shows that music triggers the reward centers in the brain.

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