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04/18/07 Backstage at a World Premiere

Florida Grand Opera gives the world premiere of David Carlson's opera, Anna Karenina, on April 28, 2007. Secretary-Treasurer and Florida Classical Orchestra member Jeffrey Apana tells what it's like to be in the pit.

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04/09/07 Local 655 Seeks Office Assistant

South Florida Musicians Association, Local 655 AFM is seeking a part-time office assistant to work weekdays at its office in Hollywood.

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04/01/07 Official Business

Membership Meeting

Agenda: Amendments to the Bylaws


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04/01/07 Member Benefits

Identity Theft: Fighting Back the Pro-Active 3-D Way
Almost 10 Million Americans Victimized Every Year

Identify Theft doesn’t just happen to someone else. Just ask any of the 10 million Americans hit by it last year.
ID thieves have tried-and-true methods like picking pockets, rummaging through dumpsters and stealing files from work, and clever ploys like changing your address with the post office, copying your credit card number when you use it or sending you a phony online breach-of-security warning that solicits personal data from you.

3-D action—as recommended by the Federal Trade Commission—is the way to foil and minimize the damage caused by ID thieves: Deter, Detect, Defend = 3-D Action.

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04/01/07 Double Times

Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia

We recently visited a Boca Symphonia rehearsal and spoke to contractor Jeff Kaye, as well as one of the Orchestra's Board members. You may notice that next season, the orchestra is arranging its schedule to accommodate those that play in other orchestras. This will happen in no small part due to the pressure the musicians of BRPS put on the orchestra, making it difficult for them to hire musicians on nights when BRPS services conflicted with other organizations. We spoke to Jeff about Pension contributions as well...if you'd like to get pension when playing for BRPS, a little more pressure from musicians may help to move this along too.

04/01/07 That Union Thing

73 percent of the 400 adjunct professors at Essex County College in New Jersey signed union authorization cards to be represented by the New Jersey Federation of Teachers/AFT. New Jersey state law allows a range of public employees to decide on union representation by card-check, and the adjunct professors hope to see their first raise in 10 years, as well as changes in their working conditions so they can do a better job of teaching their students.

A study by the Eagleton Research Center and Rutgers University shows that management is more likely to coerce employees than a union during organizing campaigns.

Also notable is that fewer workers were pressured by coworkers in card-check campaigns than in elections (17% versus 22%). 

04/01/07 Industry News

Forbes Magazine reports that there are 946 billionaires. Twenty-eight of those billionaires reside in Florida, including south Florida residents John Kluge ($9.1 billion, Metromedia), Micky Arison ($5.8 billion, Carnival Cruise Lines), James Moran ($2.4 billion, auto dealerships),  H. Wayne Huizenga ($2.1 billion, AutoNation), Jorge Perez ($1.8 billion, home building), and Fred Deluca ($1.5 billion, Subway).

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