Archives: July 2007

07/01/07 Official Business

Elections notice, Semiannual Dues payments, and a membership meeting are in this month's official business. Please see below for details.

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07/01/07 Are You Preparing for a Comfortable Retirement?

It’s not luck that enables people to retire younger, travel, and enjoy themselves. It’s planning. Relying on Social Security or a company pension used to be enough, but today your own retirement savings have become an increasingly important factor in how comfortable you will be when you retire.

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07/01/07 Member Benefits from Union Plus


Summer is more enjoyable with Union Plus Entertainment Discounts because you can afford it. You deserve a break-both from work and high entertainment costs. Union members can use Union Plus Entertainment Discounts including movie ticket, video and theme park discounts to relax and enjoy the summer.

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07/01/07 Double Times

Miami City Ballet Has New Contractor

This coming season, Tim Devine will be contracting the orchestra for Miami City Ballet. We have spoken to Tim several times and have been assured that the Ballet will continue to pay scale and pension under a local engagement contract, as they have done in the past. The Ballet will be using orchestra for four programs this season, and has also announced that they have funding in place for live orchestra for all four programs for the following season as well. We salute the Ballet and their donors for recognizing the difference that live music makes to the Ballet.

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07/01/07 That Union Thing

The Behemoth that is Wal-Mart

Imagine the impact on the world if Wal-Mart would provide health and retirement benefits and a living wage  for all of its employees!

07/01/07 Industry News

A study by Americans for the Arts shows that the American nonprofit arts organizations support 5.7 million jobs and generate $166 billion in economic activity each year. This figure includes $63 billion in direct spending by the organizations and $103 billion in related spending by their audiences (hotel and restaurant spending and so on).

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