Archives: January 2008

01/01/08 David and Goliath in Daytona

The Federal Communications Commission is deciding whether it should ease limits on how many media outlets a company can own in one market, but the fact is  most Americans are against media consolidation. A survey by the Media and Democracy Coalition found that 57 percent were against a company owning a newspaper and a TV station in the same market, and 70 percent thought that media consolidation was a problem.

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01/01/08 Member Benefits: Immigration Help

US Immigration Legal Services

If you need US immigration legal services, the Union Plus Legal Service can help. This union members-only benefit features immigration lawyers that specialize in US immigration law and offer free initial consultations and discounts of 30% off their regular hourly rates and flat fees.

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01/01/08 Annual Dues Reminder

Annual Dues Are Now Payable

Please remember that Annual Dues paid after January 31 may be subject to late fees. Please check your email or the Members' Section of the website for your current total balance.

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01/01/08 Membership Meeting Announced

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01/01/08 Double Times

Beware the Nonunion Contractor

We were contacted by some musicians recently because they hadn’t been paid for a Miami Bach Society gig they played in April. And when they finally got paid, some six months after the gig, it was for a lot less than they were expecting.

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01/01/08 Music Industry News

Students at Northwestern University have successfully protested the suspension of the school's jazz studies program. The saavy students also used the Internet to please their cause, and Northwestern's School of Music has hired Victor Goines, of the Wynton Marsalis Septet and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, to run the resurrected jazz program. Goines also created the jazz studies program at the Juilliard School of Music.

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