Archives: March 2008

03/25/08 Orlando Philharmonic Announces Auditions

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Christopher Wilkins, Music Director

Announces the following vacancies:

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03/13/08 SFM and MEISA Sponsor "Music Multitaskers" Event

The public is invited to "Music Multitaskers", a free informational forum, brought to you by MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association) and sponsored by South Florida Musicians. Topics of the event include:

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03/01/08 Official Business

Annual Dues Increases Adopted

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03/01/08 The Chiropractic Approach to Good Health

Medical care is often directed at treating symptoms with drugs.  Treating symptoms alone, however, apart from the risk of the side effects, can lead you into the false belief that your problem is come merely because your symptoms are gone.

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03/01/08 Seven ways to get a jump start on your taxes

Union Plus Consumer Corner 

Earlier is better when it comes to working on your taxes. Taxpayers are encouraged to get a head start on tax preparation, especially since early filers avoid the last minute rush and get their refunds sooner.

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03/01/08 Double Times

The Musicians of the orchestra for Florida Grand Opera have recently elected a committee to represent them.

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03/01/08 That Union Thing

Union membership rose last year by the largest amount since 1983. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2007 union membership rose by 311,000 to 12.1 percent of the total workforce.

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03/01/08 Industry and Local News

The Knight Foundation has announced $40 million in local grants. $20 million will be offered on a matching basis to local groups in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for "innovative arts ideas." $5 million will be given to the New World Symphony for a New Media Endowment, advancing their use of Internet2 and digital technology. $5 million will be given to Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art and $10 million will be given to the Miami Art Museum.

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