Newsletter Archives: March 2009

03/02/09 Members Adopt New Policies

At the membership meeting on February 27, the membership adopted a number of new policies proposed from the floor by members present at the meeting.

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03/01/09 Why I am still paying my union dues

Letter to the Editor

Why I am still paying my union dues, and why all other musicians should too.

Today I wrote my check to support the union....It seems like an odd thing to do while I do not play ANY union jobs these days.

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03/01/09 AFM to Participate in WMC Panel

The AFM will participate on a panel at this year's Winter Music Conference.


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03/01/09 That Union Thing

Florida State Senator Alex Villalobos and State Representative Luis Garcia are proposing legislation that would mandate that school boards in Florida abide by collective bargaining agreements, cap administrative salaries, and prohibit them from offering raises to administrators that exceed raises given to teachers.

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03/01/09 Local and Industry News

Miami City Ballet has reduced its company by eight dancers, to 45 dancers. The Ballet, which recently eliminated live orchestra, is trying to reduce its budget by nearly a third, to $11 million, for next season.

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