Archives: March 2010

03/07/10 St. Mary's Episcopal Church Seeks Part-time Organist/Choir Director

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, on East Ocean Blvd in Stuart, Florida, is seeking a Part-time Organist/Choir Director who will provide service music, expand and train the choir and present a broad range of anthems.

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03/01/10 From the President

The American Federation of Musicians is a professional organization that has been setting the standard for professional musicians for over one hundred years. It sets work conditions, minimum wage scales, and provides for their enforcement. Professional organizations such as the physicians' AMA, the educators' AFT, the lawyers' ABA, and the musicians' AFM exist to promote respect for their professions as well as to establish a good quality of life for their members and their community.

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03/01/10 Official Business

The Local frequently receives requests for musicians, and nearly fifty members have recently uploaded their promo to the website...are you one of them? To help us match you to potential buyers, please send us your promo.

03/01/10 Clarion Offering 60 Percent Off New Instrument Insurance Policies

Clarion Associates is now offering up to 60 percent off of new instrument insurance policies for members of South Florida Musicians Association. Clarion is the largest insurance firm catering to musical instruments, and is the choice of over forty symphony orchestras and many musicians associations. 

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03/01/10 That Union Thing

The IRS has begun random audits to crack down on under-reporting and non-payment of employment-related taxes.

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03/01/10 Local and Industry News

WLRN has replaced the local program Evenin' Jazz with Len Pace with syndicated programming from Minnesota Public Radio.

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03/01/10 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for February 2010:

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