Archives: September 2010

09/22/10 Fredric Marks, 96

Fredric Marks died peacefully, surrounded by family at his residence in Toledo, Ohio on Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

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09/17/10 South Florida Symphony Starts Season In Debt to Musicians

Musicians who performed for the Key West Symphony (recently rechristened South Florida Symphony) in January 2010 have yet to be fully paid for their services. Additionally, many have not been reimbursed for transportation costs to and from Key West. Musicians report that some are still owed $800-$1000 for the services they performed eight months ago.

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09/14/10 Local Band Seeks Guitarist

The band Poppy is seeking a strong rhythm guitarist with strong vocals (preferably in several languages). The band has bookings. For more information, please contact Marian at 305-331-9833.

09/10/10 Palm Beach Opera Announces Auditions

Bruno Aprea, Artistic Director

Announces the following tenure-track vacancy:

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09/01/10 Official Business

If you have not yet paid your Semiannual Dues for the second half of the year, please contact the Local as you are now delinquent. Thank you!

09/01/10 Member Benefits from Union Plus

As kids start returning to school, it's a good time to start thinking about saving for their college education with a Union Plus College Savings Grant.

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09/01/10 That Union Thing

The Origins of Labor Day

Labor Day approaches, and it is worth a moment to consider the origin of Labor Day, and the contributions made by workers, and the unions that represent them, to the United States.

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09/01/10 Local and Industry News

The U.S. House of Representatives has designated the second week of September as "Arts in Education Week." The resolution recognizes the importance of arts education in fostering creativity, imagination, and cross-cultural understanding and the importance of a well-rounded education.

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09/01/10 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for August 2010

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