Newsletter Archives: May 2011

05/01/11 Official Business

At the Membership Meeting on April 25, 2011 members voted to increase the pension contribution rate in the Local Wage Scales from 8 percent to 8.72 percent. This change will take effect on June 24, 2011.Please contact us if you have questions.

05/01/11 Member Benefits from Union Plus

You deserve a break - both from work and high entertainment costs. Union members can use Union Plus Entertainment Discounts - including movie ticket, video and theme park discounts.

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05/01/11 That Union Thing

Coalition of Immokalee Workers supporters held protests in front of supermarkets up and down the east coast. The CIW has successfully negotiated deals with many fast-food chains to raise the pay of tomato pickers, but supermarkets such as Publix have refused to even speak with the CIW.

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05/01/11 Local and Industry News


There will be nearly one third fewer Grammy Awards starting next year. The Grammy Foundation has announced that the number of categories has been trimmed to 78, and categories with few entries will have fewer nominees, or may not be presented if there are fewer than 25 entries. Some categories, including some more obscure categories and some classical music categories will be merged.

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05/01/11 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for April 2011

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