Archives: March 2012

03/12/12 Southwest Florida Symphony Announces Auditions

Michael Hall, Music Director

Announces Auditions for the following positions:

Auditions are scheduled for May 7, 2012
Deadline for applications is April 23, 2012

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03/01/12 Membership Benefits from Union Plus

Union Plus Discounts for Union Members

Did you know you can get discounted Dell computers, rental cars, flower service, credit reports, vacation tours, prescription drugs, dental care, and much more as an AFM member? For more information, call us and ask for a Union Plus brochure or check out their website:

03/01/12 That Union Thing

Members of United Teachers of Dade have approved a new health care agreement with the Miami -Dade Public School System. The new agreement keeps free employee-only coverage but increases out-of-pocket costs for dependents and limits prescription coverage.

03/01/12 Local and Industry News

Congress has approved a bill reauthorizing the FAA which includes a provision for standardizing policies for bringing musical instruments on airplanes. Any instrument that can safely be stored in overhead bins or under a seat can now be brought onboard as carry-on baggage, and musicians may purchase seats for larger instruments such as cellos. The legislation also standardizes weight and size requirements for instruments.

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03/01/12 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for February 2012:

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