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09/01/16 Official Business

Are you owed money for a gig? You can now report delinquent employers on the Local's website:

The Local will use the information collected to assist members in collecting past due wages, as well as keep members informed of employers that have a history of not paying musicians in a timely manner. Help us to help you by letting us know if you have not been paid! All personal information submitted will remain confidential so you can rest assured that your name will not be disclosed without your permission.

09/01/16 Last Month at the Local

Are you owed money for work you performed? We may be able to help! Sometimes just a letter from a person in authority is enough to get you paid. Additionally, both Broward and Miami-Dade Counties have ordinances that require employees to be paid within two weeks. If you worked in either of those counties and it has been more than two weeks, we can help you with filing a claim with the county. This is a free service paid for with your tax dollars, and is a good first step before going though the more difficult process of filing in small claims court. In Palm Beach County, there is a nonprofit organization that can assist you in getting paid. Of course, if the work was performed under an AFM contract, the Local is responsible for enforcing that contract and making sure you get paid, for no additional fees other than the dues you pay. Membership has its benefits!

09/01/16 Member Profiles

Name: Larry Roberts 

Instruments: Keyboard, Vocals, Accordion

Member Since: 2008

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09/01/16 Membership Benefits

Check Your Annual Pension Statements!

AFM-EPF Pension Fund Statements are in the mail, and if pension contributions have been made on your behalf, you should receive one shortly. All work done under AFM contracts that include pension should appear on your annual statement. Please note that generally pension is based on scale wages, which means that the wages listed on the report may be less than the gross amount you were paid for that year.

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09/01/16 That Union Thing

The NLRB has ruled that graduate assistants at private schools have the right to organize and collectively bargain. The NLRB ruled in favor of the students at Columbia University and the New School in New York. Graduate students at many public schools already have the right to organize and bargain, as they are governed by state laws.

09/01/16 Local and Industry News

The Palm Beach County Cultural Council is recommending $4 million in grants, down slightly from last year's $4.1 million. Recipients would include Miami City Ballet ($198,622), Palm Beach Opera ($180,016), Sunfest ($215,536), the Kravis Center ($220,852), the Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia ($33,752), and the Palm Beach Symphony ($32,603).

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09/01/16 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for August 2016:

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