That Union Thing

Telemundo novella performers voted 91-21 in favor of being represented by SAG-AFTRA in an election conducted by the NLRB.

This is the first time in 65 years that actors at a major television network have sought a union representation election. Actors, singers, stunt performers, and dancers working on novellas will be covered by the agreement to be negotiated between SAG-AFTRA and Telemundo.

Sarasota Ballet dancers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of being represented by AGMA. The 50-plus dancers of the 26-year-old company participated in a privately conducted secret ballot election. Dancers hope to establish some industry standards at the Ballet.

The Hollywood Reporter contributors who were misclassified as independent contractors will each receive nearly $15,000 as a result of a settlement. Freelancers claimed that they were indistinguishable from employees and were misclassified as independent contractors, and were granted class-action status in 2015. A judge has given preliminary approval and final approval of the settlement is expected in the next few months.