Official Business

Local 655 Election Results; Broadway Across America Agreement Ratified

Nominations for the 2018-20 term of office closed on September 21, 2017. The Nominations received for the 2018-2020 Term are as follows:

For President (first delegate):

For Vice President (third Delegate):

For Secretary-Treasurer (second delegate):

For Director (6 positions):

As a result of none of the offices being contested, all nominees were declared elected in accordance with Article IX Section 5 of the Bylaws. Congratulations to all nominees!
Please contact Scott Whitney, Election Committee Chair, at (954) 989-5105 if you have any questions.

Broadway Across America Agreement Ratified

Musicians have ratified a new, four-year agreement with Broadway Across America. Negotiations took place in July, led by President Bertolet and Vice President Satterwhite, assisted by musician representatives Neal Bonsanti and Brian Stanley. The new agreement contains wage increases of 3/2/1/2.75 percent in each of the respective four years, as well as increases in cartage and travel money.  There will also be a new premium for any work starting before 9 AM in the morning.