That Union Thing

A report by the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy at Florida International University shows that there are still too many low-wage jobs in Florida.

While unemployment has fallen and wages are increasing for professional and skilled workers, household incomes are still below pre-recession levels. Florida's median wage earners are making $16 an hour, the lowest rate in 11 years, and nearly 27 percent of Floridians are living near poverty. Between 2005 and 2016, nearly 45 percent of all new jobs were low-wage jobs, and last year, 20 percent of new jobs were low-wage jobs.

The Transport Workers Union staged a protest against American Airlines at Miami International Airport. Workers are protesting the outsourcing of 40 percent of the Airline's maintenance jobs to China, Mexico, and other foreign countries. More than 1,000 jobs are estimated to have been lost, and the Airline is currently building a $100 million aircraft maintenance center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Vice Media employees have voted to be represented by WGA East. The union was recognized after a third-party count of representation cards and 430 employees will be represented by WGA East.